Seventeen Week Update!

Sorry no photo this week!  With a hectic schedule of late, we forgot to take one this week.  Oops!  

Likes: Caffeine free Pepsi, lots of water, the sun when it decides to come out!

Dislikes: Round ligament pain, or whatever the period like cramp sensations are that creep in every now and then.

Weight/Waist: 109 lbs./ 31 in.

Other Happenings: Thanks to online yard sales and generous friends, our big ticket baby items are nearly complete.  In a week I've acquired a bouncer, jumper, 2 high chairs, walker, swing, and bassinet.  Woah.  What just happened to my house?

In the meantime..

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  1. :) Yeah - The babies will take up a lot of space, and your house becomes practically a showroom for Babys'r'us... but, soon, you just forget about it, and even when the high chairs become useless, and the baby clutter is replaced with TODDLER clutter - you just, you just have this life, and it makes you smile.

    Hope you are doing well.

    1. Thanks girl! I know kids are going to be wonderful... and all the stuff that comes with them! :)