One Month Down and Some Post Baby Goals!

It's a beautiful day!  The sun is shining; I'm awake by 8; it's the last day of summer baseball camp for my husband and I'm ready to celebrate something! It also happened to be our little twinnies' one month birthday yesterday, and although they are still in the NICU my amazing husband was able to get them next to each other and snap this adorable shot ;)  

Finally, after what seems like the longest time, I'm finally starting to get the itch to get my life back together and jump back into society.  My doctor has cleared me to drive and swim this week, and I can't even begin to tell you how badly I want to jump behind the wheel and galavant wherever my little heart shall lead me (Target... Starbucks... the possibilities are endless)!  With that being said, I'm setting a few post-baby goals for myself that while small and silly, seem perfectly legitimate on my road back to becoming... myself.  

Walk every day.  Although I'm not cleared to exercise for a couple more weeks, I took a walk around the neighborhood the other day and it was amazing.  I actually halfway expected myself to be sore the next day considering I could barely walk to the end of my driveway without panting during pregnancy, but I wasn't.  Time to do a little more of that and kick start my metabolism to get rid of this baby weight!

Do my hair and makeup.  No, I'm not trying to impress anyone or going anywhere where people will likely care, but it makes me feel good about myself.  I also tend to think my husband appreciates it when I put forth a little effort, even though he loves me poodle hair and all ;)  

More greens.  I'm not saying I'm diving right into clean eating just yet.  After all, I've gone nine seven months without drinking so yes, I'm going to indulge in a fair share of happy hours.  I do however have some newfound motivation to up the protein/veggie intake, and thank freaking God the thought of broccoli no longer makes me want to vomit.  I was a little worried the doughnut cravings would never subside.  

Be a great wife.  With everything that's changed in our lives lately, we've suddenly become Mommy and Daddy over anything else, and I know that's not going to change.  But while I'm obsessing over our new perfect little princesses, I have to remember that we are also practically newlyweds just celebrating our 1 year anniversary and that there is still a box full of pristine honeymoon lingerie just waiting to be brought back out.  Ok, that might be jumping the gun a bit, but I'm at least going to hug him a little tighter and kiss him a little longer, especially now that theres now a big belly getting in the way! 

Nap without guilt.  My whole life I've fought naps like an evil productivity killer.  Even when I'm beyond tired, I'd lay down to nap when a terrible FOMO would set it.  Throughout pregnancy and now with a demanding pumping schedule (I know it sounds silly, but for real..), I'm finally realizing the value of a nap can make the difference between an enjoyable, productive evening and dinnertime meltdown where I'm basically crying myself to sleep because I cannot go on any longer.  Don't ask me how I'm going to solve this problem when I go back to work, but for the next month or so, I'm not going to care.  Afternoon naps are not just for children!  

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Week Recap

I know Monday is typically the day when we post about our weekend shenanigans and complain about our Monday blues, but since I barely know what day it is (hey, at least I got Monday right), I'm just going to break down the status of our ever exciting adventures of late.

Last Sunday my husband and I celebrated our 1 year wedding anniversary.  We celebrated by spending the day at the hospital and going out for a nice dinner afterward.  Honestly it was the best anniversary I could have asked for and so surreal that in one year we already have become a family of four, and we couldn't be happier.  Looking forward to so many more anniversaries to come!

Now onto the important part... our twin baby girls!!  

Our little Rosie hit 4 lbs. the other day.  She's been maintaining her temperature in the crib and is starting to nurse just a little.  She's trying her hardest to figure out how to suck and swallow and breathe and is doing better every day!

Reilly is gaining rapidly too, up to 3 lb. 5 oz! An entire pound above her birth weight!  Yesterday, she too got to come out of her isolate.  They put a little heater above her because she was starting to drop her temperature, but she came back up a lot while I was holding her.  Hoping to see her still in the crib when I go to see her today!  

I know they're certainly not ready to come home yet, but each milestone is a step closer, and I'm learning to celebrate each one along the way. 

So, yep, that's pretty much it.  Sort of disappointing not to have one vacation, outdoor activity, or exotic summer beverage on my list of highlights, but I'm going to make it my goal to slowly get back to society and all those trivial little joys that used to rule my Instagram feed.  Here's to Monday, the perfect day to start what's left of summer and savor every moment.... even in the hospital ;)  

Let it Shine
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Not Your Typical Independence Day

Apparently this weekend was the 4th of July, and for the first time in years, we did not host our annual party.  We did not go to the parade or grill or even see fireworks.  Things were quite different this year as our lives now revolve around trips to the hospital, pumping, healing, and getting things in order for our precious baby girls to come home.  

My mom came down Saturday morning and stayed until Sunday afternoon.  Our house looks like a freaking tornado went through and she helped me to get a few things organized, vacuumed for me, and assisted me in going through some of our shower gifts from the weekend before they were born.  (Talk about cutting it close!)  

First drink of 2015!

Husband has been swamped with grad school work and preparing for this week's baseball camp, not to mention keeping the lawn mowed and pool in working order.  I can tell it's working his nerves, but man oh man is he the best daddy.  The girls are clearly very comfortable with him and look at him so adoringly.  

Daddy's girl

I'm going into this week with a list of tasks I'd like to accomplish, but I'm quickly learning how long it will take to check them all off between pumping, the hospital, and frequent naps.  This recovery thing is tough work!  I'd be lying if I said I was elated and jubilant because clearly being away from my babies is not ideal, but I do realize that in time they will be home and we can begin to bond together as a family.  I'm so lucky to have such beautiful little princesses with perfect little noses and ears and fingers and toes.  There are far worse situations to be in, and I look forward to a year full of family firsts to come!  

Let it Shine
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Surprise! I'm a Mother of Two!

It's been 2 weeks since I've posted or even logged into my blogger account, and it's not for lack of activity of material to write about.  No.  It's because I surprisingly birthed 2 babies last week!  Not like "I didn't know I was pregnant" surprised, but two months early surprised.  And to be honest I'm still trying wrap my head around the whole thing.  

I'll surely be working up a birth story soon, but since the whole thing makes me weepy (along with pretty much everything else in the world?), I'm going to just focus on the best parts of the past week.  And yes, they are all going to focus around the babes.  #sorrynotsorry  Their names are Rosie and Reilly and they will be staying in NICU for a while, so we make trips to the hospital every day to visit with them.

1. This week I held my daughters for the first time.  Each time I hold them I feel more and more bonded with them.  They look up at me and hold my finger and are absolutely perfect.  I cannot believe that they are both mine.  I am literally overcome with love.

2. Rosie is making constant progress.  The other day I walked in to discover she can now wear actual clothes and has already had her picc line removed.  What a big girl she is!

3.  Reilly surpassed her birth weight yesterday.  She is now up to 2 lb. 7 oz. despite still not being able to drink actual milk (she gets her nutrients through her IV).  She is our little fighter and has quite a personality too!

4. NICU nurses are the nicest people in the world.   Leaving them at the hospital every day is getting rougher every time and I would probably be sobbing each time I walked out of the room if it weren't for knowing that the nurses are so sweet and gentle and attentive.  They seem like they genuinely care about each little baby and speak so sweetly to them no matter how many times they pull at their feeding tube or wiggle out of their boundaries.  I really think it takes a special kind of person to be a good NICU nurse, and fortunately our hospital is full of them.

5. I've said it before, but it's truly confirmed that my husband is the very best one in the world.  The things he has done to help me and the girls this past week is truly unbelievable.  How some women do this child birth thing without a baby daddy is beyond me.  I have literally needed him for everything and he has been so patient with me since the whole adventure began.  He deserves an award for sure!

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