Pre-Holiday Healthy in Two Weeks Flat!

Halloween is wrapping up, the big holidays are looming... you're going to go one way or another. You can throw in the towel, gain a bunch of weight, and feel terrible for the next few months OR you can bang out a couple weeks of healthy focus while picking up on some easy healthy habits that you can carry with you throughout the holiday season! I've put together a looser and shorter version of our 30 day program designed to get you rolling in the right direction and increase the confidence you need to start the new year STRONG! Here are the details of what I am offering and next steps to get going!

What is it?
The goals of this program are to effectively kickstart toxin elimination in the body, improve gut health, and establish healthy routines that you can carry with you throughout the holiday season. By the end of two weeks, you will be feeling noticeably better - increased energy, better sleep, mental clarity - and you will be starting to SEE visible results too! Our group will start on Monday, November 5th and will conclude on Sunday, November 18th... just in time for Thanksgiving week!

What's included?
You will be provided 30 meal replacement shakes (2 for each day), 30 servings of my favorite digestion support supplement, 30 energy boosting vitamin packed "fizz" drinks, and a complimentary shaker bottle filled with a variety of my favorite snacks and additional products to enhance your healthy living goals! I am also including 2 weeks of guided workouts that you can do at home or in the gym to help you get the most out of your investment! Yes, you will still have plenty of products left over after the 2 weeks to continue using even after we're done. This is literally JAM PACKED with value!

Do I have to give anything up?
I DO ask that you eliminate dairy and gluten from your diet during these two weeks. Don't worry, I will give you plenty of meal and snack recipes to make this as easy as possible. In addition, I ask you to LIMIT coffee, alcohol, and added sugars. We can discuss more about what this might mean for you, but my goal is to help you see results and you do that through changes in routine, so we're going to have to start somewhere.

What's the cost?
Between the shakes, digestion plus, fizz sticks, shaker bottle, and all of the freebies that you will receive in this package, they all add up to a $211 retail value. But guess what?! I've worked out the ultimate plan using this month's promos to get it for you for $148 total. Seriously an amazing deal that I highly suggest you take advantage of!


Ready to give it a go?! Simply fill out the form here and I will be in touch with the steps you need to get started!

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