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This weekend was a full on tsunami ‘round here raining nonstop since Friday morning and morphing into a surprise bout of snow which I was not at all prepared for, but we kept super busy through it all.  

Saturday we finally got our registries going.  I had attempted to start one at BB&B previously but apparently I am terrible at it, because after an hour of walking around with the gun, I had only scanned 14 items, so I took the fiance back with me to try again.  We added a lot more and made our way to Target as well.  I have to say, considering I want everything in Target normally, we had a really hard time finding things we wanted that we didn’t already have, so it’s quite scanty, but I’m hoping to peruse online to add some more options.  

We also celebrated 4 years together this weekend.  We tried out a new restaurant, Portalli’s in Ellicott City, and had a romantic fancy dinner.  They even surprised us with complimentary champagne because it was our anniversary.  Definitely a nice little “extra” that will probably have us going back.  Our food was great and the atmosphere was pretty cool too, although it was a little dark, but that made it all the more romantic. ;) 

On Sunday my mama and I went on a girls shopping trip to take care of a few things on the wedding “to buy” list.  I had really hoped to find an outfit for my bachelorette party, but had no luck.  I know it’s a while away, but I’ve been looking everywhere and just cannot find anything cute, or at least not what I have in mind.  We had a nice lunch though and were shocked and horrified to find the car and roads covered in snow when were finished.  Being in the mall is like being on a separate planet where you have no idea what is happening in the outside world.  And I thought I had seen the last of the white stuff.  Shoulda known better.  

My mama!

Now we’re back to Monday.  Hey, at least the sun might come out today??

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Five on Friday

As if my Fit Little Bride workout obsession wasn’t enough, I’ve now gotten my first piece of everyday marriage inspired gear.  Who knew I’d become such a sucker for it?  These bride-to-be marketers have me wrapped around their fingers is what they’ve done.  But, it’s cute right?  Find it at Mindy Mae’s Market or right now on Jane.com!

On Tuesday night, I chaperoned my color blind fiance to pick out tuxes for the wedding.  Turns out every single tux out there looks the same.  Do you want white or black buttons?  Peaked lapel or regular lapel? Does anyone care or even notice??  I can’t.  But he looked smashing and I’m sure his men will too!

"Ah, I've always loved the french cut cuff," said no one ever.

I took a day off from exercise today.  Know why?  Because I did it for SEVEN days in a row, that’s why!!  Heck yes!  Go me!  Finally starting to feel some progress and super excited to get back at it tomorrow after work.  Friday night at the “bar”; bikini bod or bust! 

My fiance and I celebrated 4 years together this week.  We are still not entirely sure when our anniversary is due to some miscommunication issues early on, but that’s a story for another day.  Long story short is we’ve decided end of March was ballpark around the time we made things official.  So this weekend we’ll be celebrating our last anniversary before we pick up a new date and start all over!  

I’ve decided to start participating in Erin’s 1800 Minute Challenge as added motivation to keep up myself on the road to fitness.  It sounds simple and motivating, and a great way to team up with other women and keep each other inspired! Go to the link and sign up, or just follow along on IG/Twitter with #1800minutechallenge.  Can’t wait! 

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Fit Little Bride: Where Bridal Meets Fitness

Hey all you brides looking to get fit for the big day!  I’d like to show you my recent online boutique find that I know you are just going to love.  Fit Little Bride is an online shop that caters to people like me, exercise enthusiast meets giddy excited bride who wants to take advantage of every moment, trinket, and merchandise that can only be worn during this exciting time.  
I currently own two of their tanks which have turned out to be my favorite pieces of exercise apparel.  They’re great quality and have the cutest bride themed logos.  Mine are probably their most classic designs, but they have recently revamped the website and come out with many new designs and colors. 

This is me @michelle_diann

But these are on the wish list ;) 

Donning sweet new workout apparel will motivate just about anyone to get their booty moving, but these are especially special because they remind me of the special milestone I am preparing for.  I’m confident that these will keep me motivated to push through tough workouts and change my body for the better.  Sh*t, forget the wedding.  I’ll be darned if I don’t look like the hottest version of myself on my honeymoon.  

Feeling as motivated as I am?  Go ahead and check out their site.  They even have a sale going right now that I haven’t seen since the brand premiered earlier this year.  Get ‘em while they’re hot.  And of course, congrats on your fitness journey as you get into your best shape for your  best day!  You can do it! 

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Good Friends. Good Neighbors.

And so it begins that time of year... baseball and softball are back and there are some weeks when the fiance and I just don’t see each other.  This was one of those weekends.  It’s sad and frustrating, but I remind myself that things could be worse.  At least I’m pouting because I like my fiance so much I want to hang out with him every day.  Not too shabby of a problem ;)

In fact, we like each other so much that he actually straightened up the house and made the bed before I got home on Friday.  You heard me right.  MADE THE BED!!!!  I almost fainted.  Bonus points for future hubs.  

Saturday was my dear friend’s birthday brunch, so I headed over solo.  I was a little bummed to show up alone, but it turned out to be super fun and such a nice day for it too!  She had the most adorable setup complete with a doughnut tower and chocolate fountain.  The bloody mary bar looked amazzzing and I wanted so bad to try one, but every time I think I want a bloody mary, I quickly realize that I still do not like them, so I opted for mimosas instead.  

Saturday night was our neighborhood progressive dinner.  It’s an annual thing and every year reminds us how blessed we are to have neighbors that care about and like each other.  We start with appetizers at one persons house, then move to the next house for soup and salad, then on to the main course, and finally the last house has dessert.  There are about 8 houses on the court and everyone participates so it’s really neat!  We had no idea what we were getting into when we bought the house so we really lucked out!
Appetizers started with oyster shooters.  So that's how we roll.  

Finally, I can’t leave without giving myself a pat on the back for getting a good workout in every day of the weekend, including Friday night! Things have been a little crazy busy lately and I’ve found it difficult to stick with the routine, but I’m hopeful that this will be a great start to the week ahead!  Like I said in my last post, I’m thinking of summer and had better start busting my butt for the body to match my swimsuit aspirations! 

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Daydreams of Summer

Yesterday was the first day of spring and at recess (because I’m a teacher), I wore my puffy winter coat, gloves, scarf, and hat and was still completely freezing.  It’s no wonder I’ve been spending way too much of my life daydreaming about all of the things I want to do right now that seem to be slightly delayed.  But even though Mother Nature is not cooperating, it doesn’t stop me from envisioning all fabulous spring things yet to come.  And since that’s where my mind is, that’s what I’m writing about... the top things I’m awaiting with excited anticipation.

[ONE.] Summer nails and my first pedi of the season.  I typically do my own nails but I am just dying to whip out the summer colors.  I have already been experimenting with some more upbeat shades of pink, but I’ll know it’s officially summer when I can apply neon with confidence.  

[TWO.] Shopping for my new 2014 suits.  I know I have way too many already, but seriously a new swimsuit brings me way too much happiness to pass up.  Plus, the more cheekies I get, the less I want to wear my old suits, so I gotta recycle and make room for more.

Find it here.

[THREE.] Outdoor happy hours.  It’s amazing how one’s energy level can instantly quadruple at the mention of cocktails on a sun soaked patio.  And between my homes in Baltimore and Frederick, there are no shortage of these.  OHH might be my #1 happy place.  I cannot wait!

[FOUR].  Summer nights at the Yard.  And by this I mean Camden Yards.  There’s nothing like letting loose at a game with your best friends.  Hot dogs, beer, and baseball pants... who could wish for more?  

[FIVE.]  Recharging my desire to act like a gym bunny.  I try not to fall off the wagon too much during winter, but there’s definitely something about sun and warmth that truly kicks my workout into gear.  I think it has something to do with the fact that I don’t have to dress in layers that makes me feel more ready to work out.  Plus, there’s a better supply of delicious produce available, so healthy eating seems much more appealing.
Hoping to look as fit and tan as this girl one day.

Stay positive.  Look forward.  Summer is coming!

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Raunchy or Remarkable? Beyonce Brings Out the Judges.

By now you’ve probably heard all the conservative ruckus being made over Beyonce’s recent performances, and most specifically her explicit new video for Partition.  It’s too raunchy for her younger viewers, they say.  You don’t have to do this, they plead.  You’re a hindrance to female empowerment movements, they insinuate.  By “they”, I am mainly referring to Bill O’Reilly and his loyal following, to whom I say... mind your own beeswax and stop judging.  If you don’t like it, don’t watch it.  It’s simple.

I’ll be first to admit, I’ve never been a huge Beyonce fan.  In fact I’ve been neutral at best.  There are many Beyonce songs that were not particularly my favorite and I really did not find her to be all that entertaining for most of her early career.  However, in the past year, I truly have to admit, she’s killing it.  Its obvious that she’s working her f*cking ass off (or on.. squats anyone?) and has grown leaps and bounds both musically and in her choreography.  She may turn me into a true Beyonce fan before long after all.  And you know what?  I don’t think I’d ever be one had she kept it PG.  You think we need another Taylor Swift in the world?  Bi*ch please.  She’s pushing the envelope.  She’s progressive.  She’s doing what an iconic entertainer does!  

So, is it too raunchy for her younger viewers? Probably.  Though I doubt if you took a poll of true Beyonce fans that most of them would be under age 16, at which point I would certainly consider them mature enough to watch such material responsibly.  On the flip side, I’d consider it right on par with the type of thing most of her adult fans want to see.  And trust me, it’s not anything they haven’t seen before.  I watched the video expecting to see something truly appalling, but found it much less shocking than anticipated.  Go to any club in America on any night of the week, and you’ll see something very similar.  It’s an American norm, the way of the world, and it is not always a bad thing.  Think about swimsuits of the past and how shocking they were at the time.  Norms will constantly change.  You can embrace it and be happy, or fight it and spend your life disgruntled.  I guess Bill O’Reilly chose the latter.  

Does she have to do it?  No! But I bet she wants to!  She’s doing it because she has $350 million in the bank, and she can afford to push limits and not spend her life making the “safe” decision.  It’s not about you.  It’s about her.  She’s an artist and she is allowed to reinvent herself as many times as she pleases.  

Does her provocative image hinder female empowerment and equality?  In my opinion, it does not.  For me, I actually think it does quite the opposite.  She’s a wife and a mother, yet is still sickeningly hot.  Actually hotter than she even was before she was a mother. She’s quite an inspiration to all potential mothers out there, letting us know that having a child may not be relationship suicide after all.  Yes, she sings about having relations... with her husband that she’s obviously in love with!  I’m sorry, but this all seems quite healthy to me.  I guess some would prefer she keep it behind closed doors, but you’re asking her to inspire, so here she is!  I see nothing wrong with acknowledging the beauty of a woman, especially when she has worked so hard to stay fit through motherhood.  

I recognize that there are alternate views and am apologizing in advance if I offend anyone, but I feel like this issue keeps coming up again and again.  When will we stop judging each other and embrace changing times?  You go Beyonce.  Give ‘em something to talk about. 

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Goin' Green 2014!

Whoever invented St. Patrick’s Day, I thank you.  I seriously love this holiday and for more reasons than one.  First, it’s the  perfect excuse to get together for drinks and celebration with friends, yet there is no reason to buy gifts for anyone.  You won’t go broke over this holiday, but you will have tons of fun and have plenty of photo ops.

Second, it comes with a built in dress up theme that can be easily participated in.  No serious planning or scouring the shelves at Walmart like you would for Halloween or the holiday “ugly sweater” events.  It’s just a color, and something everyone can snap together in a pinch!  

Third, it signals the beginning of spring.  Ok, it may or may not be snowing outside my window right now (Don’t look. If you don’t see it, it’s not there.), but at least I can count on things beginning to warm up sometime in the near future.  There is always a hint of it in the air on St. Patrick’s Day.  The air that makes me wonder for one second- do I really still need this winter jacket?  And often this is the first weekend that I end up leaving it behind. 

Fourth, Irish drinking music.  Dancing jigs.  You know you love it too.  

Anyway, I was starting to worry that the season of St. Paddy’s Day celebrating would pass me without partaking, but alas on Saturday night we were finally able to get out in our green!  We partied it up at McGerks in Baltimore with a ton of our favorite pals, renewing my motivation to get through another week and to start working out again too.  I was actually sore on Sunday from all of the dancing we did, so I decided I can probably gym it up by now too ;) 

How did you celebrate St. Patrick’s Day?  Can’t wait to see all the photos being posted! Linked up at Funday Monday and Monday Morning Gossip so check 'em out for more like this!

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