Eighteen Week Update!

Likes: tea in all flavors, salads (with lots of unhealthy toppings), and milk by the glass full

Dislikes: doctor bills and random crying outbursts (even though I'm not sad)

Weight/Waist: 110 lbs./ 32 inches

Other happenings:
We had another successful doctor appointment.  No ultrasound this week, but the doctor had this cool little handheld thingy that showed the babies just like an ultrasound would!  They still looked like blobs to me, but she says they're cute! 

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Organize Your Life!

This weekend started spring break for me, and while I have no big plans or spring-like excursions scheduled, I'm looking forward to getting my life together more than I can even describe.  This weekend I started knocking things off the "to-do"list and have a mental plan to get things ship shape by the time Easter weekend arrives.  Here's my unfailing plan to get your act in gear and be on your way to a productive, fulfilling week!

#1 Write it down.  I know I said "mental plan" but that doesn't mean I haven't written multiple lists in my notes app to get me straight.  I'm talking the most random things that have been on your mind for months... like the grey frames I wanted for the nursery or the eyebrow wax that is long overdue.   Writing it down and checking it off automatically makes me feel like I'm accomplishing things, and motivates me to do more.

#2 Get some exercise.  No, I'm not suggesting becoming a gym rat overnight, but a light workout every couple days seriously does a lot for my mental state, and hopefully for my post pregnancy body as well (TBD).  

#3 Organize something.  Pick the one thing that bugs you the most and do that.  For me it started in the closet and tomorrow I hope to go through all of our cupboards and dispose of expired items.  It seems overwhelming but once you get started, you realize it's not that bad.  Just throw on some good cleaning tunes and sing away as you go.... or am I the only one who does that?

#4 Soak up time with the ones you love.  I'm enjoying every moment of evening snuggle time with my husband this week, and looking excitedly toward Easter when we will get to spend the day with family we love.  I've even had time to call and chit chat with family in other states, and I can't help thinking about how lucky my little family is to have so many people in so many places that love us already :)

#5 Take naps.  Yea, I know I'm lucky because I'm on spring break this week.  And yes, if I were a normal working person and not a teacher I would hate my guts too.  I've been there and I don't blame you one bit.  But I have to admit these midday naps I've been falling into are doing wonders for my ability to stay awake with the hubs at night.  

So that's it folks. My weekend and my week to come.  Can it be spring break forever?  Because I can definitely get used to this!

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My Soapbox! 5 Things that Bug Me!

1. Let me start with something that really bugs me.  And I know I'm being a little risky by saying this out loud (God forbid I get one in the mail one day, I promise I won't judge).  But why are these fill in the blank thank you cards alllll over the place lately?  Clearly they are popular and selling, for they keep springing up in greater and greater numbers online.  But it truly just makes me shake my head in disgust at the laziness of the world today.  No wonder the kids I teach seem to have little sense of gratitude and every sense of entitlement.  I mean you really loved the gift?  I really made your birthday special?  Gee thanks, I'm not sure how genuine that seems being that it came on a pre-printed card.  I mean, I get that life is chaotic and I'm all about efficiency, but not when it comes to expressing genuine gratitude for the people who do nice things for you.  I remember as a child my mother forcing me to write actual hand written notes to family members despite my clear dislike of the task, but you know what?  I now know how to express gratitude in a real, genuine way, written or not.  Stop filling in the blanks people and teach your kids the makings of a real personalized letter and words that let someone know how important they are.  And that's all I have to say about that.

2. I keep seeing this watermelon cake posted all over fb and Pinterest.  And don't get me wrong, I'm sure it's tasty.  But am I the only one who feels like this just looks like a mean mean trick?  I mean, you're at a party and you see this glorious thing sitting on the table and you think to yourself, "I can't wait to have a slice of that cake!"  Then they finally cut it and WHAM!  Here's your fruit chunk!  What a ripoff... 

3. Go ahead and Google search "Michelle Obama hair".  Then again, I'm sure you don't need to because it's been on every entertainment television show there is.  Basically she had it pulled into a ponytail on Jeopardy and it appeared to make her look bald.  The amount of backlash because of this has been unreal.  And you know, I don't even think it looks bad.  She could totally pull off the bald look!  I will say it certainly makes me thankful I am not Michelle Obama as I sit here typing with my naturally dried poodle hair and blotchy skin thanks to nutrient sucking peanuts cohabiting my body. For Christ sake, leave the woman alone. 

4. Sea World is now coming back in response to allegations made in Blackfish and elsewhere?  Go ahead Sea World, I'm actually giving you the benefit of the doubt that you do in fact have the best of intentions.  Unfortunately, people are more educated now than ever and common sense tells us that an orca can not live a quality life in a small tank.  I don't know how to fix it at this point, but I certainly wouldn't call it humane.   Admit you were wrong and exit the business.  The end.

5.  This weather.  My IG feed says sandals and sundresses, but the view out my window says scarves and gloves.  And I'm on Spring Break....  pedi or no pedi.... that is the question.  

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Seventeen Week Update!

Sorry no photo this week!  With a hectic schedule of late, we forgot to take one this week.  Oops!  

Likes: Caffeine free Pepsi, lots of water, the sun when it decides to come out!

Dislikes: Round ligament pain, or whatever the period like cramp sensations are that creep in every now and then.

Weight/Waist: 109 lbs./ 31 in.

Other Happenings: Thanks to online yard sales and generous friends, our big ticket baby items are nearly complete.  In a week I've acquired a bouncer, jumper, 2 high chairs, walker, swing, and bassinet.  Woah.  What just happened to my house?

In the meantime..

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Spring Favorites 2015

Spring is here and I'm all about bright colors to welcome the season back!  Looking forward to enjoying some these in my future as well!

1. Floral shorts.  So comfy, so pretty.  I need them.

2. Colorful sandals.  The simplest way to jazz up the basics!

3. Bunny everything. How cute are these plates?? Or chicks.  Or flowers.  I just want to be immersed in Spring!

4. Ice Ice Baby tumbler.  Bring on the iced coffee! (Decaf for me of course ;))

5. A fresh new planner.  Yea, I know this should have been a new year thing, but there's something about spring that makes me want to organize my life!

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Five Things from Childhood I Wish Would Come Back

With two little buns on the way, I can't help but think back to all of the great things I had as a kid.  The things I loved and looked forward to and cherished enough to remember clearly at age 32.  Unfortunately things change, and I'm not sure my kids will ever get a chance to experience what I consider to be legitimate rights of childhood.  What do you think?  Are our kids deprived or are today's newest inventions here to put my faves to shame?  Read on and be the judge!

1.  The Wuzzles (and other actual decent animated morning cartoons).  This show was the freaking best.  I distinctly recall waking up early each Saturday morning and racing to the TV to wait for the Wuzzles to come on.  This along with the New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh, Rainbow Brite, Peewee's Playhouse... they just don't make 'em like they used to.  I don't know what the heck kind of dumb grown man singing with puppets type show comes on NBC Saturday mornings, but I really don't think I can stomach that one for more than 5 minutes. Where did all the good shows go??

2.  Jellies. Ok, I actually did a little research and it turns out they may in fact be coming back!  Found these cute clear sparkly ones from Kohls, though I wouldn't hate them in neon pink either ;)

3.  Halloween Happy Meal buckets from McDonalds.  Don't worry I still have a full collection, but it would be cool if my little pumpkins could take a drive through trip and be handed a sweet little meal all packaged in one of these bad boys.  Way more exciting than a bag.  Just sayin'.  

4. McDonaldland cookies. Is it bad that 2 of my 5 have to do with McDonalds?? :)  But seriously, these were the most delicious things on the planet.  Plus, it's a great lesson in  opportunity cost as you can only choose one dessert.  McDonaldland or Chocolaty Chip?  The ultimate decision.

5.  Babydolls.  Somebody please tell me that your daughter carries a baby doll.  I feel like I see little girls all over the place with Barbies or blankets, but rarely do I see a little girl with a baby doll.  I never left the house without my doll, Pink baby, and honestly am probably still attached to actually let me girls play with her.  They'd have to be reallllly careful.  I hope mine will love dolls as much as I did.

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Sixteen Week Update!

Likes:  Apple juice, leggings, Cheetos and Oreos!

Dislikes:  Starting to get sick of hot cocoa, though I still make it often.  And veggies... I know, it's terrible.

Weight/Waist: 109 lbs./ 30.5 in.

Other Happenings:
We had our first normal, nothing shocking ultrasound this week.  The twins are growing fantastically and are already looking cute as can be!  Huge sigh of relief!  I also tried my belly band that my mom got me for the first time.  While it wasn't exactly supportive, it did keep me from having to button my jeans and was much more comfortable!

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Luckiest Little Weekend!

This weekend was a whirlwind.  Are you sure it's Monday already??  I think I've been spoiled by all the snow days leaving me with at least a 3 day weekend the past few months.  Now only 2 days?  Phooey.  Who's bunk idea was that?

Regardless, I still put this one in the books as a successful 2 days.  I cleaned up my house for the most part and took out a few spring decorations I've been saving up.  I got an outfit together for a wedding we are going to next month.  I purchased a gift for my friend's son's first birthday party, and still managed to find some relaxation time for myself.

On Saturday morning, my mom and I were up and at 'em.  We drove through the pouring rain to finally attend my first kid's consignment sale (since last week's got postponed).  This one was put on by the Annapolis Mothers of Multiples and I have to say I left completely satisfied.  Upon first entering, it was insanely packed and somewhat overwhelming with what appeared to be a lot of junk, but we pushed on.  I first spotted the My Little Snuggabunny bouncer in good condition for $25 and snatched it up like a seagull with a french fry, took it to the car, and returned for round two.  As I waded through the rows of junk, I found treasure after treasure.  Adorable little pairs of outfits for as low as $1 each.  I also got a few lonely outfits (meaning without a match) because they were so gosh darn adorable I could not pass them up.  Finally, we purchased a good quality Graco Pack & Play and called it a day. 

Saturday afternoon was spent making an appearance at my BRC alumni social.  It's amazing how much time has passed since those days, but I got to see some old beloved faces and spend a few hours with my best friend Kristie!  After, we continued on our way downtown to meet up with more friends for some good old fashioned St. Patty's day fun!

On Sunday, we tried to go out to test drive some vehicles.  We're dumb.  We forgot that dealers aren't really open on Sundays, so we didn't get to drive any.  We did poke around and look in the windows of some of our options though and are leaning towards either a Kia Sorento or a Hyundai Santa Fe.  Anyone drive these?  Recommendations are welcome! 

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Five on Friday: Could Spring be Here?!

The way the sun has been shining, it's hard to believe a mere week ago we were in the midst of a real winter storm.  Then again, that's Maryland for you.  If you don't like the weather today, wait til tomorrow.  As I pray that the spring-like weather continues in that direction, here are 5 things that have made my week.

ONE.  Childcare, check! I am so relieved to say that I signed a contract for in home day care not far away from our house and feel really good about my choice.  I feel like we got a good deal monetarily and that the babies will be in a really good atmosphere to grow and socialize with other kids.  More than anything, I'm glad I don't have to think about it anymore because honestly that part of preparing for baby is NOT fun!  

TWO.  I went to the gym 4 of the past 5 days.  Holy smokes.  For the past few months, I've barely made it out of bed let alone to a workout facility, and suddenly I have the itch to exercise.  I'm definitely taking it easy and lifting light weights, but just being active for a period of time makes me feel like I'm doing something good for the babies, and I like to think they're having a good time in there too.
Old quote, new meaning.  Hopefully I'll be glad I got these workouts in 3 months from now when I'm potentially bed ridden!

THREE.  The Shamrock Shake.  One of about 8,000 junk food items I consumed this week.  Contradictory after my #2, I know, but I feel like I just can't stop. I swore for years that I would eat super healthy throughout my pregnancy for the sake of the babies.  I thought that pregnant women who binged on junk food were simply lazy or using their pregnancy as an excuse.  Little did I know that the mere smell of chicken and broccoli would elicit vomit-like reactions.  Now I get it.  

FOUR.  Easter is coming and I'm already giddy with anticipation.  I'm still unsure exactly what is going in my husband's basket this year, but I'll be sure to fill you in after the bunny arrives ;)  Do you make a basket for your man?  Check out last year's "man basket", one of my favorites to date, to get ideas for your own!

FIVE.  I didn't forget about St. Patrick's Day weekend.  In fact, I'm hoping to get out in celebrate somehow even though we have no plans to at the moment.  Ya know, wear a little green and drink a little extra ginger ale ;)  Have a lucky weekend leprechauns!  

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Fifteen Week Update!

Likes:  Earl grey tea, applesauce, and sunless tanner... because the belly really accentuates pasty white ;)

Dislikes:  Still chicken. Sometimes eggs.  Yes, I know I said I liked them last week but apparently I'm moody like that.

Weight/Waist: 109 lbs./ 30 inches

Other Happenings:
I'm addicted to Family Feud.  I remember watching it when I was like 6, but it's come back into my life with a vengeance.  I watch it every day and I love playing along and shouting out the answers.  I am a dork. And now I'm even more of one for using the term "dork".  

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In Like a Lion... the Weekend Recap

Typical March weekend... in like a lion, out like a lamb.  Friday was spent digging out from a dumping of snow (and by that I mean watching my husband dig us out) followed by dinner with my husband's high school baseball team.  It's a tradition.  All the kids on his team and the coaches get together for a preseason talk and pizza, and the wives all sit around and talk upstairs.  The players have to introduce themselves to us and shake our hands and it's pretty darn gentlemen like if I do say so myself.  Good kids they are.  
All set to leave the house for the first time in days!

Saturday morning I woke up in a pout. All week I'd been looking forward to this Mother's of Multiples consignment sale, and because of the snow, I discovered it had been postponed.  Boooooo!  I was so sad, but my wonderful mama came to the rescue and shopped around the mall with me instead.  I even got a fresh set of tires on my car.  It turned out to be pretty productive after all and the beginnings of babies' wardrobes and starting to form.  

Sunday the sun was shining and the birds were chirping.  I got up in a rare mood.  I have no idea what got into me.  I wanted to go to the gym.  What??!  I've spent months in a constant state of exhaustion of deep freeze and just like that I want to go to the gym again?  Not sure if it was the sun or the 2nd trimester finally kicking in, but I'll take it.  I pray the feeling continues.

Hot damn.  My feet in sneakers.  I better document this..

We ended the weekend out to dinner with the in-laws.  I'm pretty lucky to have gotten stuck with them.  They're pretty great.  

Now to kick this week's butt!  In a good way ;)  Go get 'em!

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Catch up on the Week! Five on Friday!

One.  This week I worked 2 days and had 3 days off, not counting the weekends.  Yea, I know the school year will be going endlessly into the summer, but right now there is nothing I can do about it so I soaking up every moment of scenery and snuggle time that I can.  I love waking up and cooking yummy breakfasts for my husband, smelling the coffee brewing, and watching the beautiful sights of snow piling up on the trees outside our house.  

Two.  The belly is growing.  In fact, I'm quite positive it grew 3 sizes yesterday alone.  If you missed it, I started my weekly journaling, starting with the highlights of week 14.  Check it out here!

Three.  In addition to the updates, I also received my first Walmart Baby Box this weeks and am so happy that I signed up for it.  As a first time mom, the samples are exactly what I need to get started.  If you're interested in getting your own and want to know more details about the box, you can read my complete review.  

Four.  I changed the sheets on our bed yesterday.  I was so excited to sleep on them and they did not let down.  Perhaps this seems a stupid thing to list, as many of you probably change your sheets weekly as suggested, but now you know a horrible, shameful fact about my housekeeping.  I do not change the sheets often.  In fact I can go a good 2 months before doing so.  When both spouses are working full time, getting the necessary clothing washed is quite enough.  Towels take 2nd priority.  Sheets, please.  Ain't nobody got time for that.  

Five.  I need help from petite girls.  Specifically, ones who have had babies.  I am typically a solid size 0 or 1.  I'm 5'0" on a good day and held a pre-pregnancy weight of 97 lbs.  In fact, I haven't seen 100 pounds since my college days until these little miracles came along.  Anyway, my pants are starting to pinch.  I need to find maternity options.  Everywhere I have possibly looked or tried, even the smallest size they carry is really not small enough for the extreme petite and leave me feeling frumpy and unfashionable.  Certainly not the look I am going for when my imagination has visions of maternity chic floating around endlessly.  If there is anyone reading this in my same size range who has suggestions, please share.  Otherwise I will likely spend the next 5 months in leggings alone.

Have a great weekend!  See you on Monday!

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