Fit After 30: Starting With Strength!

Wow, has it seriously been 5 weeks already?  I’m not sure whether I’m super excited I’ve lasted this long or super pissed that I don’t look like Adriana Lima yet.  Oh, right, I’m 5 feet tall and will never look like that.  Moving on...

I have survived 5 weeks of a total gym routine.  Have I missed a few days here and there?  Absolutely.  But I’ve certainly been successful more days than not and for that I am proud of myself!  Like they say, you won’t get fit from one day at the gym, but you won’t get fat from one rest day either ;).  These two weeks were all about being consistent.  Making the gym fit into my busy working girl schedule.  The only thing that I did new these 2 weeks was flip flop my strength and cardio routines.  

Last time, I made sure to do cardio first.  This time, I began with strength.  I did this for two main reasons.  One, my muscles weren’t tired yet, so I could really push the strength piece and increase my weights a bit more than I would have if I were fatigued from cardio.  Two, when I finally got to cardio, I could truly wear myself out without abandon knowing my workout would be over when I finished.  I didn’t have to reserve any of my energy for further activities.  Honestly, I don’t know which is better.  I’ve heard arguments for both sides and both seem completely logical.  So, I figure the best thing to do is to switch up the order every so often.  It keeps my workouts from becoming stagnant and allows me to ream the benefits of both schools of thoughts.  

Just as I did previously, I alternated between lower and upper body days, fitting core work in wherever I had time.  I’m getting an overall total body workout each week and also allowing each muscle a day of rest in between workouts.

Follow along with me and let me know which order YOU prefer!  Do you go straight for the treadmill?  Or is lifting your first gym stop?  Hope you guys are still keeping up with those resolutions (hey, it’s almost February!) and are getting ready for the warmer weather to come! Perhaps Phil won’t even see his shadow! ;) 

Lift FIRST, alternating lower and upper body days, 3 sets of 12
25-40 minutes of cardio... let it burn you out at the end
Randomly fit core in wherever you have time
Drink more water!  Stretch! 

Fitspo find of the week!  via @fitgirlsworldwide 

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Investigating the Line Between Fit and Foolish

If you’ve been around the blog a bit, you know that I love to keep in shape.  You also know that I use fitspo to motivate myself and attempt to make healthy choices whenever I can.  I recently starting posting updates on my 2014 fitness plans, mainly as an aid for myself, but hopefully to encourage others out there who have the same goals as I do.  I even hope to get in well enough shape to wear one of these skimpy swimwear designs with no shame come summer.  That being said, I recently searched “fitspo” on Pinterest for some fresh motivation and this is one of the first pictures that came up....


Is this a joke?  Are people seriously, honestly pinning this to their health and fitness boards??  Do they believe this to be an ideal, even achievable body image for themselves??  

It was at this moment that I began to question myself.  Am I going too far?  Am I endorsing bodies and fitness goals that are pretty much unattainable to any person including myself?  As I’ve said many times I am not a “fitness” girl and do not aspire to be one.  What I do aspire to be is healthy.  The dilemma I have is... where is the line between being healthy and being extreme?  With clean eating and fierce fitness regimens being all the rage these days, it’s hard to tell sometimes.  So, I’d like to take a moment to “discuss, and discard” (what movie? what movie? ;)) some of the  ideas you may have about me and my purpose for exercise.  

Let me be clear. The above photo, to me, is not an acceptable form of motivation.  I realize that some people are born naturally skinny and may even be trying to gain weight.  I am not picking on those people.  But for 99% of the population, I would say that this is an unhealthy, never to be achieved ideal.  Some of the fitspo that I do share may be toward the extreme end of the fitness spectrum, but that does not mean that I logically expect to look like it.  I only strive for it... the 5 foot, short legged, eats every one the food groups version of it.  

While we can control the choices we make, we will never control our natural body types and shapes.  And there are soooooo many shapes that are absolutely stunning.  Perhaps that’s why I’ve always seen Kim Kardashian and Britney Spears as 2 of my absolute icons.  They are beyond beautiful and have both been sex symbols in society, yet neither of them have a body which I consider to be unattainable.  To me they look like real people who exercise, but also focus on other areas of their lives, like spending time with the people who are close to them.  To me, that is admirable.  

If you are a hard core fitness person, also know that I am not targeting you either.  It is a great goal to have and a lifestyle that certainly requires a ton of personal discipline.  (Though even you can agree that the aforementioned photo is completely wack.)  I am just completely sick of society looking at girls that are genuinely healthy and super fit and not giving them the credit they deserve simply because they are built like women!   

So, let this be the start of celebrating some beautiful FIT girls of all shapes and sizes!  Leaving you today with a few more reasons why EVERYONE IS BEAUTIFUL!  

*Really wish I knew who the people were in these random Pinterest and Instagram photos.  If this is you, please contact me and I will be glad to tag your beautiful self! 

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Baltimore Engagement Shoot: Fort McHenry

I’m finally sharing some of the pictures from our fall engagement shoot!  (I'd been keeping them under wraps because we were giving prints as family gifts for Christmas.)  We took these pictures at Fort McHenry in Baltimore, MD which is a historical site with a view of the water, so we could get the best of both worlds.  It was sooooo windy that day and I was really worried because I knew my hair was blowing in all sorts of crazy, unflattering directions, but they actually turned out perfectly thanks to our photographer, Maureen Pacheco.  If you are in the market for a photographer - wedding, family, or personally - I believe she does very good work at a very reasonable price.  You can check out her other work on her website or facebook page.  Enjoy!

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Trend Alert: Where to Shop for Cheeky Bikinis!

It’s FRIIIIDAY!!!!  I’ll be honest, with the snow this week and MLK Day, this week has truly been a breeze.  But as I’ve been staring out at this winter wonderland, I have visions of summertime dancing in my head.  What can I say?  I’m a summer girl and I love the warmth of the sun beating down on me.  And being as it is nearly the end of January, it’s about time I develop a plan to fulfill this swimsuit addiction of mine.  Some girls hoard shoes, some handbags, some monograms and whatnot... but me?? Swimsuits.  I have a problem and I won’t deny it.  

This week I am sharing with you my top 5 favorite cheeky bikini sites I’ve found... beginning with my #5 pick and ending with my #1, best of the best, go-to vendor.  I know the suspense is killing you right?  Let’s get started...

These suits extremely affordable.  I like it because if you get something and it’s not your favorite, it’s not as though you’ve invested a ton of money, so the risk is minimal.  Some suits are so outrageous, I don’t know who would wear them in real life, while others are super cute.  I bought a super cute one and would love to wear it, but there is one problem.. these suits are obviously made for ITTY BITTY TITTIES!  If you are a B cup or smaller, I would recommend this site.  If you are a C+ and want to look like an adult film star, I would also recommend this site.  If you are a C+ and want a suit that fits you, don’t buy here.  But it’s still in my top 5 because I know many, many girls that would look great in these bikinis for sure!

I’ll be honest, at the time I am writing this there is not a whole lot on this site right now.  Last summer though, there were a TON of awesome suits so I’m hoping they will get more and more as the season approaches if we just keep an eye on it.  They are certainly a bit out of my price range, but if you look on the sale section, there a lot of great suits for a doable price.

I am in love with these bikinis.  They are so original and SoCal looking and I really, really want one.  Unfortunately, they too are out of my price range, but I am sharing because I love them so much.  Perhaps you have a little more income and can spend a hundred plus on a swimsuit.  You lucky bi*ch.  

This is actually a vendor of show suits, but they have a regular swimwear line as well.  They are to die for.  Too stinking cute.  A bit pricey as well, but thinking I could pair a cute bottom with a basic $6 Wal-mart top?  

I’m almost pissed at myself for telling you all about this.  I have enough of a problem ordering the things I want before they go out of stock.  But here it is... the absolute best fitting suits on the market.  They are skimpy in all the right places while still making your top bits feel fully covered and secure. I’ve never gotten something that I didn’t love. 

Need more options?  Here's Where to Shop for Cheeky Bikinis: Part II 

So go quickly and order your suits before time runs out!  You only have 4 more months!  (Joking.)  I know it was a bit premature, but I couldn’t hold summer back any longer.  

Oh, and make sure you're booty's in cheeky ready condition by following my spring challenge: On Wednesdays We Squat!

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