Five Constants I'm Keeping During Lockdown

The time has come.  We're home and we're not going anywhere for a while.  In the first few days I spent a lot of time staring at the television, scouring the internet for answers, living in our pajamas, and quite frankly feeling lost with a million things I could be doing and no direction to them.  Then I snapped out of it and while I understand the next few weeks... months... whatever it is might be a little more go with the flow, I know without a doubt that it's more important than ever to show up as my best self.  And that's why I'm committed to sticking with a few social isolation "rules" if you will.  This is no time to lay down and do nothing.

1. Get ready every morning.  Even if it means changing into a fresh set of pajamas, I'm committed to getting myself together in order to start the day.  A shower and a little CC cream can go a long way, even if it's just for your own mental state.

2. Stick with 80% good nutrition.  I have my shakes, my greens, my fizz.  I have canned veggies and frozen chicken and plan to do the best I can for as long as I can.  What you eat has a HUGE effect on your anxiety and mental clarity and now is the not the time to be letting that all go.

3. Move every day.  This week I pulled up the good old Beachbody On Demand and started a program.  I found some free YouTube workout channels.  My kids getting in on the action may or may not add to the intensity of the workout lol, but at least we're moving.  And as the weather continues to get warmer, the opportunity for outdoor exercise will broaden our options even further.

4. Daily devotions, gratitude, and prayer!  With God we are strengthened.  With God we can do anything.  I am using this time as an opportunity to lean into Him and find out what He wants me to do.  I encourage you to do the same.

5. Go to bed.  I'm typically an early to bed, early to rise girl, but I've found my nightly routines floundering since I know I don't exactly have to get up to go anywhere the next day.  But you know what it's also doing?  Messing with my morning routine.  And that for sure is going to cause problems.  Set a bedtime for at least the majority of the week and do your best to stick to it.  Your body, mind, and spirit will thank you.

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Light Your Own Fire

I'm not really sure what happened to winter and TBH I feel like I'm still sitting around here waiting for that first snow, but in the meantime.... Spring is looming people! 

The swimwear is launching, the tanks are out... heck I even rolled my windows down yesterday and enjoyed a nice breeze.  It's time to stop living in denial and get serious here.  I DO NOT want you looking back and wishing you had done something to improve your self image earlier.  I'm here to be your kick in the butt.  Your impetus.  That annoying voice that you know is right when I say you are not living up to your full potential.  You deserve to have it all and be it all and by George, that starts with putting our health first! 

While motivation is not always easy, we are in luck that at this time of year, we start to feel that itch that something is changing. We're ready for Spring cleaning.  Let's utilize that feeling to truly kickstart changes and go all in! 

Some things I might do that really get me focused on a goal:

1. Purchase clothes I WANT to wear, even if I don't feel ready yet.  Then I picture that clothing and how bomb I'm going to feel in it when I make the right decisions and move myself in a positive direction. 

2. Surround myself with health minded friends - that appreciate a good nutrient dense recipe, high five me after a good workout, and notice the glow up in a good way!  If someone is not supporting your journey, find someone else who will!

3. Follow people with HEALTHY bodies that are similar to your own body type.  I have gone down a rabbit hole too many times comparing myself to taller, more model like bodies which is not fair to myself or God who gave me this body for a reason.  We have to be real.  We have to learn to love what we have and who we are.  But we can also strive to make progress while we are doing this.  You have to actively ask if this is motivating or deprecating.  Find the inspiration you can have confidence in.

4. Take progress photos.  Nothing is more honest than looking at your own dang self, so step up to the mirror and snap a selfie.  You don't have to show anyone but yourself, but create a separate little album in your phone for progress photos and do it every couple of weeks.  Pat yourself on the back when you're seeing a difference and when you aren't, drop the excuses and start examining the plan.  Are you sticking to it?  Can we tweak anything?  Reach out to me and I am happy to help in this process!

The next months are so key in hitting our summer goals so I'm gonna ask again... are you ready?? Light your own fire and jump in with us!  I'm excited to do this together!

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