25 Days of Fitmas is Coming!

Who is it for?

This group is for those who want to maintain balance during the holiday season. It's for people who wish to incorporate more exercise into their routine while still enjoying those holiday cocktails, cookies, and feasts. This group will focus on establishing exercise as a part of your healthy lifestyle as well as keeping our bodies pumped with nutrients through a daily vegan protein shake. If you want to seriously get to business and shred, you'll want to join the "30 Days to Healthy Living" group, but this group will keep you focused and on track while still enjoying this festive season in moderation.

What products do I need?

You will need to make sure you are stocked with Arbonne protein, digestion plus, and fizz sticks (I'll even show you how to make some healthyish cocktails with these). Optionally, since we will be exercising consistently, I recommend the Arbonne Phytosport line for pre, during, and post workout. Finally, if you're like me and really trying to BUILD muscle, I'll be adding the protein boost to my shake as well.

What else will I get?
Besides the products, you will be provided with plenty of shake recipes, healthier alternatives to your favorite baked goods, cocktails, and dishes, workouts that you can do anywhere, and me as your personal coach. Note: the exercise commitment of this group is totally a personal decision and it is not at all necessary for us to all be doing the same thing on the same days, however I WILL provide written, easy to follow workouts for those who would like more explicit instruction.

What is the cost?
The cost of the protein, digestion plus, and fizz sticks together is $148. This includes shipping, 20% off everything for an entire year, and an additional free product of your choice up to $98 value on your next purchase! This price stands through November 30th so don't delay!

For directions to join us, please enter your email here and I will send you the next steps!

3 Skincare Secrets that have NOTHING to do with a cream!

Taking care of our skin is SO important.  Having a quality, safe skincare regimen... SO important!  But if I'm being real, I have seen more skincare results from what I have put on the INSIDE than on the outside, which is why my team and I preach and live by the phrase "healthy from the inside out".  And today I'm sharing my 3 top difference makers that have nothing to do with an external face cream...

1. Drink your greens!  With a full serving of rainbow fruits and vegetables, prebiotic fiber, and powerful phytonutrients and antioxidants, this powerful supplement is actually aiding us in cleaning our cells from the inside, revealing a healthy natural glow.  It will also protect against free radical damage and oxidation that will happen naturally in the environment.  Add this to your routine.  You won't be sorry!

2. Skin Elixir... the newest and most cutting edge addition to the lineup.  Is it nutrition?  Is it skincare?  The world may never know.  But we what we do know is this super powder is helping us to BUILD COLLAGEN FROM WITHIN! Collagen that is strengthening our skin and helping it to keep its bounce and resilience.  It also contains drinkable hyaluronic acid - a must have in any healthy skincare routine - that will allow your skin to retain moisture and plumpness.  Legit there is nothing else like this on the market.  Get yoself some and watch your skin glowwww!

3. Hydration, hydration, hydration... something I used to SUCK at terribly.  Can you be bad at drinking water?  Yes, honey you can!  Luckily my stash of selections keeps me engaged and looking forward to the next thing, as well as flooded with the water I need!  Here's just a few of the things I keep in the mix and a brief explanation of each...
          Fizz Sticks: Natural energy and a ton of B Vitamins.
          Complete Hydration: Electrolytes... the healthy way.
          Mind Health: Long term cognitive function and focus.
          After Workout: Eases post workout soreness and recovery.

If I've piqued your interest and you're ready to up your skin game, shoot me a message on Instagram!  Let's get you glowing girl! 

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3 Keys to a Healthy Summer

Ahhh summer.... the season where fresh produce abounds and the opportunity to enjoy some fresh air actually might make me WANT to get out for a run.  So many things to make this season a healthy gal's dream!  But let's be honest, even with these and your swimsuit staring you in the face, summer can be TOUGH to stay on track!  I'd know.  There's a reason I waited until September to complete my first 30 day challenge ;)   But that doesn't mean you have to move in the wrong direction either.  Here I share my top tips for keeping progress on the upswing amidst vacations, barbecues, and midweek social gatherings. 

1. Start with your healthiest meal!  Even when you've eaten off track the night before, or know that it's about to happen, PLEASE resist the temptation to throw in the entire bucket and reach for that donut or bagel.  If you've seen my social stories, you know I pack my morning shake with nutrition.  I choose a super clean vegan protein because I know it's the easiest for my body to digest, safe for my kids when then want a sip (or half), and is packed with additional vitamins and minerals that I may fail to consume on my own as the days of summer slip on.  Commit to doing this for yourself, every single day, and you will start your day with a base of good nutrition. 

2. Digestion Plus.  This goes hand in hand with the shake (I put mine right in with the protein).  We know that a healthy balance of good bacteria is essential for digestion to work correctly, and a good digestive system is EVERYTHING when it comes to keeping off unwanted pounds.  It might be a small packet, but don't discount the effect it has on the microbiome.  Keeping this in the routine daily will no doubt mitigate the damage done by summer fun.  This is a MUST HAVE.  They don't call it the "muffin top eraser" for nothing!

3. Cocktails matter.  A standard margarita will set you back 455 calories, whereas a vodka soda about 90.  Throw some fizz in there for flavor and enjoy with a fraction of the guilt.  And don't forget your Complete Hydration for after!

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Meal Prep Must Haves

It's no secret... the key to healthy eating and sticking to your diet is no doubt meal prep, planning, and the actual sh*t that you keep in your fridge.  I have bad weeks and I have good weeks, but the difference always seems to come down to this... preparation.  So how can you set yourself up for a week of total success?  Here are the things I don't think I could do this without...

1. A spreadsheet.  Yes, I sit down at my computer every week and put together an excel spreadsheet of every breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack for every person in my family.  Many of those boxes could be something as simple as "shake" and others may be a bit more involved.  It's a lot of copy and paste because when you're meal prepping, you tend to put together multiples of the same meal, and that's okay.  But having that visual typed out allows me to remove it from my mind and know that I have everything covered.  It also allows me to shop exactly for my weekly meals and nothing more so I'm not throwing out a ton of uneaten food at the end of the week.  WRITE IT DOWN.  Have a plan and stick to it!

2. Instacart.  Since my sister in law introduced me to this, I have legit not stepped foot in a grocery store for my weekly shopping.  You can shop your normal spots, getting regular prices, and pay a nominal delivery fee to have everything delivered to your house.  I knew immediately that this would be a game changer for me so I splurged and joined the $99 unlimited free delivery club for an entire year, and already I can say I've gotten my money's worth.  Best yet, I can tell you that I'm actually SAVING money on groceries because I'm not tempted to throw random items in my cart that weren't on the list... it's all right there in my app and I check out and that's it.  Again, super key to keeping things clean around here. Use this link for $10 in FREE groceries and to try it out for yourself!

3. Disposable meal prep containers.  Don't get me wrong, I'm definitely NOT throwing these away after every use and they are totally dishwasher safe, but they just seems to stack together with minimal space better than my regular tupperware, plus it's nice to have to option to just throw it away when your husband leaves a dirty one in his car for weeks on end... not saying anyone I know would do this. ;) I use something like this from Amazon and they do the trick just fine.

4. Quality supplements.  You know I love my Arbonne protein.. in shakes, french toast, baked goods, oatmeal... it's definitely become a versatile ingredient in my quest to live and share a healthy lifestyle.  And beyond that, I love our Phytosport line before and after my workouts, protein bars to keep in my purse on the go... there are SO MANY options at your disposal when you are a part of this healthy living tribe, and man does it simplify the meal prep process!

5. Inspiration!  Honestly I'm not much of a cook and my healthy meals can get a little redundant so I need all the recipe inspiration I can get.  I know it's cliche but I still get a TON of ideas from Pinterest and from a private accountability group that I belong to that helps me to stick to a mostly gluten free/dairy free diet.  Shoot me a message for info on how to be added!

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Commiserating Together is NOT Uplifting

Ok I have something that I've been wanting to get off my chest for a while.  It may sound harsh, but I feel comfortable speaking my mind on this because frankly, I've been there.  I spent many many years in the pits, trying to normalize my situation, and drawing solace from this type of thing, only to discover that it doesn't work.  Ok let me back up and tell you what is prompting this.. as a mother of young children, I have naturally been added to a multitude of "mom groups" on social media.  Some are better than others of course, but for the most part, what I typically see is a sounding board for complaining and man bashing behind the protection of Facebook privacy settings.  It's disheartening, it's sad, and it brings to light an obviously widespread problem in our society that we think this is "normal".  Guys... commiserating in solidarity is NOT uplifting one another!  You have it ALL wrong! 

Take a look at these 4 specimens.  What do they have in common?  All four have been posted in the past month in various mom "support" groups that I am a part of.  


Correct me if I'm wrong, but are you feeling very uplifted after reading these?? I think not.  Ladies, if these are the types of posts that resonate with you, it's time to lift yourself out of the gutter and make a promise to yourself that you will do life differently.  Sure, it may provide some immediate comfort to realize that there are other people who are just as miserable as you are, but really, is that changing anything for you?? How is that working out?? 

See, I've lived most of my life in an environment very similar to these posts.  I spent 15 years hating my situation.  From failed relationships to living in my childhood bedroom as an adult to jobs that drained the soul out of me... I would literally cry the entire way to work Monday through Friday, dry my eyes enough to go in, come home angry from things that had happened in the day, and drink a bottle of wine to numb my feelings.  But it was okay, because this was "normal".  I was around enough people who were doing the same thing and the amount of "I'm so proud of you's" I got from my family while living this life would literally make you faint, so surely I was doing something right, right? 

As I got older, the gaps between me and my friends started to grow.  Some of them were equally as miserable as me.  Others were (gasp) genuinely happy. They were doing things that aligned with them and looked forward for even Mondays!  It was mind boggling, but my family assured me that they were all lying.  That they weren't actually making any money and being happy at the same time.  That they weren't actually in loving relationships if they had to post about it.  They assured me that life was all about embracing the suck, and the more you embraced it, the easier it got.  

Hey, maybe that works for some people, but I finally hit a point where I was screaming at the top of my lungs "This is not F*cking normal!" and I was bound and determined to build a life I would ENJOY!  It meant putting earmuffs on around my own parents.  It meant doing the unthinkable and throwing my graduate degree to the birds.  It meant swallowing my pride and my bitterness about the past and saying I absolutely refuse to follow the advice of anyone besides Jesus himself.  And you know what happened??  I cannot relate to these posts anymore!  

If I have reached out to you or if you have seen my posts or followed my journey... please know that I am not doing this to prop myself up or display a certain image.  I am just sick and tired of seeing people stuck in the same place I was for so many years when I know now that there is another way and I don't want you to waste another moment!  For the love of God, there IS another way!  Feeling like a hot mess, depressed, uncomfortable in your skin, and working yourself to the point of mental breakdown is NOT NORMAL!  It may be part of your story and something you have to work through, but DECIDE that you are going to work THROUGH it and get to the other side!  It will be the BEST thing you have ever done for yourself, your spouse, your kids, your parents... literally everyone!  You can do this!  Just decide! 

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