Flat Tummy Foods I Swear By

Hey guess what?!  There are exactly 30 days until Memorial Day Weekend.  30!!!!! Why does this matter?  If you're like me, it's the first weekend you honestly plan on wearing a swimsuit in front of people.  Ok, I may not be living it up at Seacrets these days, but even in my own back yard, I fully intend  to make my swimsuit debut a personal goal!  Even if you're slightly terrified by the mention of the word "swimsuit", I encourage you to make a few additions to your diet  to get yourself in prime condition.  Or at least these are the things that have consistently made a difference for me throughout my life.  Thought I'd share!!

1. Avocados. I know, it's fat.  I don't give a crap.  It's a healthy fat and I'm not putting a cap on it. It's satisfying, satiating, and easily added to any breakfast, lunch, or dinner.  If you need something creamy, filling, and decadent like I do, just let yourself have it.  And don't feel bad.

2. Peanut butter.  Again, I knowwwww it's fattening.  But let's assess the situation.  You're hungry.  It's not a meal time.  You have cookies and chips from your kids or office lingering nearby.  Are you going to be happy with a baby carrot?  Heck no.  You're not a rabbit.  If you need something real and indulgent, just go for the peanut butter jar.  A few spoonfuls and you'll be feeling better in no time.  Just make it natural, would ya?

3. Spinach.  I'm not sure it comes more satisfying, versatile, or nutrient dense than this.  I freaking love spinach.  I eat it in scrambled eggs, as a side salad, steamed, in soups, whatever!! It goes anywhere I can fit it in.  But a huge bag full and dig in several times a day.  

4. Eggs.  Maybe it's because I'm not really a huge meat fan, but eggs are my life when it comes to clean eating.  Throw a few yolks in with your whites and you won't be missing out on anything.  Best part, I can mix it with my spinach (duh), ground turkey, or top it (hard boiled) on my salad and they easily fit into any meal.  

5. A protein supplement.  Ok, I'm not a big hoarder of supplements and I believe in overall good nutrition.  But if I'm being honest, I have never gotten into prime bikini shape without the help of a supplement. It's true.  I'd love to say that good old fashioned diet and exercise do it all.  And yes, they will keep you 100% healthy!  But if you're looking for that extra umph, that little side chisel, that ping of extra confidence when it comes to stepping into your suit, you gotta throw a shake in there.  Of course you know I've been partaking in my daily dose of Shakeology for a while now, and am adding in an additional protein shake, post workout, as I enter the bikini season crunch time.  

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Ways to Simplify Your Life!

My life has gotten crazy.  My brain is in a jumble.  Between my responsibilities as a wife, mom, teacher, friend, and trying to build my business, I just can't mentally keep track of what has actually happened and what hasn't.  Did I actually talk to that person last week?  Oh sh*t, I forgot to shower the past two days?  Crap.  I just missed our entire team call and mail from 2 weeks ago is stilllll sitting in my passenger seat.  Sound familiar??  You're not alone.  There's a point where a girl just can't handle anymore.  The day to day thinking quota is already at a max and something has got to give!  I won't lie, I'm still a jumbled up mess of a mom brain, but there are 3 things I have done this year to absolutely simplify my life.  And as long as I'm a working mom, I don't think I'll ever go back. They are.....

1.  I wear the same thing every day.  Ok, not exactly the same clothes, but the basic idea remains constant.  I have drawer full of black leggings and a closet full of longer tunics to pair with.  I wear the same pair of shoes (one of winter, one for spring) and keep the same handful of cardigans handy as I walk out the door.  There is no more staring at the closet trying to decide my look for the day.  It's a decision I am just not willing to take on anymore and my decision has been life changing.  I doubt anyone is sitting around judging me like "hasn't she worn black leggings every single day?"  and if they are, well I honestly don't give a hoot.  It's been life changing.  And so worth it.

Tunic c/o Tobi
Super comfortable and comes in 4 different colors!
Easily accessorized, but I have infants... so to heck with that!

Check out more great pics from the collection here: crop tops, skirts, cardigans
New customers get 50% off your first order! ;)

2. I eat the same things every week.  Maybe I'll switch between seasonings or veggie types, but all in all, I have the same list every single time I go to the store.  It's same basic rotation every week.  Maybe when I'm not working I'll start trying out new recipes and unique exciting combos again, but until then, it's on the back burner.  My sanity is more important.  And it helps with healthy meal prep too ;)  

3. I "attend" meetings and live my life simultaneously.  I put attend in quotations because the life of a Beachbody rep includes many hours of online team calls, trainings, and personal development.  And as someone who is hungry for success, I can't get enough of them.  Lately I've been on a team call and training tear simply by taking them everywhere.  My kids and I listen while we play with toys on the floor.  I listen on my commute to and from work.  I stick my phone on speaker while getting ready for work, doing the dishes, or making that night's dinner.  It's productivity x2 and it's made a huuuuge difference in my ability to keep up with life.  Even if you're not in a business where you can do this, I highly suggest listening to audio books or making client calls on speaker if you can.  There are only 24 hours in the day and the faster you can get it all done, the better!

What do you do to increase productivity and simplify your life??? I'd love to hear all other suggestions out there!! Have a great week everyone! 

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Tea Diets: Scam or Success?

The constant dilemma.  Wanting to meet your fitness goals and see results without being scammed or sucked in by hype.  I get it.  As a distributor of Shakeology, I'm faced with this battle allll the time (btw, it is NOT a scam.  You can read about that here.)  But today I want to talk about tea diets.  They're practically blowing up my IG feed on the daily, and as a fitness enthusiast, it's natural I take a 2nd look every now and again.  It may surprise you, but today I want to tell you that these tea diets do actually work!  Though not for the reasons you might expect.  It's all about common sense.

Many of these tea programs require you to drink at least 2, often 4 cups of tea every day.  Sometimes in place of a meal.  For starters, if you're replacing a meal with tea, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that you're going to lose weight.  You're cutting your caloric intake!  Anytime you cut calories, you will inevitably lose weight.  Tea or no tea, it's going to work.  I didn't say I consider this a healthy approach, nor do I think it will last after the "teatox", but it should work for weight loss.  At least in the short term.

But what if I'm still eating meals and drinking tea in between?  Well let's see... what's the main ingredient in a cup of tea?  Water.  4 cups of tea, that's 4 cups of water right there.  And we all know the benefits that water can provide.  Again, tea or no tea, you're going to reap the benefits of staying hydrated.  Of filling your tummy with something other than pop or juice.  Of ridding toxins from your body.  Wait, are we sure this detox is from the magic in the tea?? 

Truth be told, I am not at all trying to deter you from drinking tea.  I'm an avid tea drinker myself and maintain quite the collection in my tea cabinet by the stove.  The benefits I've identified are legit.  And the marketing is certainly enticing.  But I will leave you with one final food for thought.  Just for fun, because the ads have been getting me and I have to make sure I'm not missing anything, I looked up the ingredients in some of these, and they seem to contain a lot of green tea, oolong tea, peppermint tea... all things that you can easily find in the tea aisle of your grocery store.  

My final verdict?  I like the idea of daily tea!  As long as you are also fueling your body and not starving it.  Thoughts and recs welcome in comments! 

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2016 Bikini Trends I'm Keen On

Whoop whoop!  It's definitely that time ladies!  Time to suit up for summer and start shopping for that perfect bikini to hit the beach (if you haven't done so already;))  Although you know I have a bit of a swimsuit addiction and could easily go without anything new for years, you know that just wouldn't "suit" me, now would it?  Check out these trends I'm excited to rock this summer!  

1. High neck bikini tops.  I have to admit, I wasn't sure how this would look on me, but I got this one from Target as a test and am 100% obsessed.  And now I want more.  The addiction continues...

2. Strappy side, or caged side bottoms.  Not sure what they're called exactly but I've definitely been seeing them everywhere.  Best part?  They great for every style from full coverage to cheeky.  Simple way to add some flair to your beachwear.

3. Mesh is everywhere!  I am digging this one of course from my absolute favorite swim vendor of all time, Doll Swimwear.  It's just a touch without being too overwhelming, and still keeping the absolutely perfect shape of a DOLL suit.  I'm telling you, you can't beat 'em!  

4. Interesting backs.  There are TONS at Target.  I'm loving this black back for the 30+ crowd.  Simple.  Sexy.  Far away from the reach of little hands ;)  

5. Of course, I will always and forever preach my love for the cheeky bikini bottom.  And if you haven't tried one, I highly suggest it.  You don't have to be super toned to look good in it.  It accentuates the good qualities and minimizes the bad.  Trust me.  Just do it.  

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Recurring Thoughts that May Prove I'm Irrational

Have you ever really examined your thoughts?  Have you ever considered how ridiculous and irrational you might sound to people if your brain recited each plaguing thought aloud?  Well I have.  I guess it's the intellectual part of me, or the complete weirdo, but there's quite a few things that I do on the regular that I finally have come to question.  Am I normal?  Or does the fact that I am considering this make me completely irrational?  Go ahead, you're allowed to judge.  

1. I'm jealous of people who wear glasses.  And no, it's not for the "I'm such a sexy nerd" look.  It's because I've noticed that if I don't wear eye makeup to work everyday, the students hound me with questions about my health.  Are you sick?  Are you dying?  What's wrong with you?  And every time I have to explain how I'm perfectly fine, I'm just ugly without eyeliner... apparently.  Blonde girl problems?  Perhaps.  But in my head I've convinced myself that if only I wore glasses, I'd be able to just put them on in the morning and forego eye makeup altogether.  Now people would just notice my frames and they'd have no clue that I failed to put on any makeup whatsoever in the morning.  It seems so much easier.  So what do you think?? Genius?  Or irrational?

Because clearly intelligence and blindness MUST go hand and hand!!  

2.  You already know I'm addicted to swimwear.  Every girl has her weakness and for me that's it.  Having 2 daughters had added a whole new level to the addiction, but I can't just go out and buy any cute suit in sight.  No.  Before any purchases are made, I find myself mentally trying to match their swimwear to my own, or at least coordinate in some way.  Like, I'm going to wear my cheetah print top when they wear their leopard cat suits.  And I have red bikini I can put on when they wear their Elmo ones.  I mean, moms do this right??  What do you think?  Normal or irrational? 

I mean, this is cute right??

3. I love Jamberry nail wraps, or at least the idea of it.  I love my friends when they wear them and I belong to the Jamberry groups on Facebook and I want so badly to join in, but there's a reason why I have extremely old Jamberry packs still sitting on my dresser that may never be worn.  I will never be a Jamberry girl.  I can't handle nails that don't coordinate with my outfit.  A base color is one thing. I can work around that.  But colors AND a pattern?  I may as well just commit to wearing plain black shirts all week, because the amount of clothing that will accurately match those Jamberry nail patterns is limited.  It's way too much of a commitment to me.  Wear something that has navy in it and your weekly work wardrobe is basically worthless.  Don't even think about putting on those black pants or boots.  Right?  Am I insane?  Do you Jamberry girls just have a closet full of neutrals?  Or am I totally irrational? 

Thank God she had this turquoise cup to go with her nails!
Perfectly normal... perfectly natural.... 

Go ahead.  Rate my insanity level 1-10.  I'm prepared to take some heat.  ;)  Any other irrational thoughts I should go ahead and add into my daily rotation?  I'm sure I'm not alone!

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