Tea Diets: Scam or Success?

The constant dilemma.  Wanting to meet your fitness goals and see results without being scammed or sucked in by hype.  I get it.  As a distributor of Shakeology, I'm faced with this battle allll the time (btw, it is NOT a scam.  You can read about that here.)  But today I want to talk about tea diets.  They're practically blowing up my IG feed on the daily, and as a fitness enthusiast, it's natural I take a 2nd look every now and again.  It may surprise you, but today I want to tell you that these tea diets do actually work!  Though not for the reasons you might expect.  It's all about common sense.

Many of these tea programs require you to drink at least 2, often 4 cups of tea every day.  Sometimes in place of a meal.  For starters, if you're replacing a meal with tea, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that you're going to lose weight.  You're cutting your caloric intake!  Anytime you cut calories, you will inevitably lose weight.  Tea or no tea, it's going to work.  I didn't say I consider this a healthy approach, nor do I think it will last after the "teatox", but it should work for weight loss.  At least in the short term.

But what if I'm still eating meals and drinking tea in between?  Well let's see... what's the main ingredient in a cup of tea?  Water.  4 cups of tea, that's 4 cups of water right there.  And we all know the benefits that water can provide.  Again, tea or no tea, you're going to reap the benefits of staying hydrated.  Of filling your tummy with something other than pop or juice.  Of ridding toxins from your body.  Wait, are we sure this detox is from the magic in the tea?? 

Truth be told, I am not at all trying to deter you from drinking tea.  I'm an avid tea drinker myself and maintain quite the collection in my tea cabinet by the stove.  The benefits I've identified are legit.  And the marketing is certainly enticing.  But I will leave you with one final food for thought.  Just for fun, because the ads have been getting me and I have to make sure I'm not missing anything, I looked up the ingredients in some of these, and they seem to contain a lot of green tea, oolong tea, peppermint tea... all things that you can easily find in the tea aisle of your grocery store.  

My final verdict?  I like the idea of daily tea!  As long as you are also fueling your body and not starving it.  Thoughts and recs welcome in comments! 

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