Recurring Thoughts that May Prove I'm Irrational

Have you ever really examined your thoughts?  Have you ever considered how ridiculous and irrational you might sound to people if your brain recited each plaguing thought aloud?  Well I have.  I guess it's the intellectual part of me, or the complete weirdo, but there's quite a few things that I do on the regular that I finally have come to question.  Am I normal?  Or does the fact that I am considering this make me completely irrational?  Go ahead, you're allowed to judge.  

1. I'm jealous of people who wear glasses.  And no, it's not for the "I'm such a sexy nerd" look.  It's because I've noticed that if I don't wear eye makeup to work everyday, the students hound me with questions about my health.  Are you sick?  Are you dying?  What's wrong with you?  And every time I have to explain how I'm perfectly fine, I'm just ugly without eyeliner... apparently.  Blonde girl problems?  Perhaps.  But in my head I've convinced myself that if only I wore glasses, I'd be able to just put them on in the morning and forego eye makeup altogether.  Now people would just notice my frames and they'd have no clue that I failed to put on any makeup whatsoever in the morning.  It seems so much easier.  So what do you think?? Genius?  Or irrational?

Because clearly intelligence and blindness MUST go hand and hand!!  

2.  You already know I'm addicted to swimwear.  Every girl has her weakness and for me that's it.  Having 2 daughters had added a whole new level to the addiction, but I can't just go out and buy any cute suit in sight.  No.  Before any purchases are made, I find myself mentally trying to match their swimwear to my own, or at least coordinate in some way.  Like, I'm going to wear my cheetah print top when they wear their leopard cat suits.  And I have red bikini I can put on when they wear their Elmo ones.  I mean, moms do this right??  What do you think?  Normal or irrational? 

I mean, this is cute right??

3. I love Jamberry nail wraps, or at least the idea of it.  I love my friends when they wear them and I belong to the Jamberry groups on Facebook and I want so badly to join in, but there's a reason why I have extremely old Jamberry packs still sitting on my dresser that may never be worn.  I will never be a Jamberry girl.  I can't handle nails that don't coordinate with my outfit.  A base color is one thing. I can work around that.  But colors AND a pattern?  I may as well just commit to wearing plain black shirts all week, because the amount of clothing that will accurately match those Jamberry nail patterns is limited.  It's way too much of a commitment to me.  Wear something that has navy in it and your weekly work wardrobe is basically worthless.  Don't even think about putting on those black pants or boots.  Right?  Am I insane?  Do you Jamberry girls just have a closet full of neutrals?  Or am I totally irrational? 

Thank God she had this turquoise cup to go with her nails!
Perfectly normal... perfectly natural.... 

Go ahead.  Rate my insanity level 1-10.  I'm prepared to take some heat.  ;)  Any other irrational thoughts I should go ahead and add into my daily rotation?  I'm sure I'm not alone!

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  1. Amen to the glasses comment! I do wear glasses and trust me, on the days I'm lacking beauty or desire to wear makeup, I definitely make sure to wear my glasses ;)

  2. I've never tried Jamberry nails but I would love to! Even if I add one nail as fully decorated and the rest can be a solid color, sounds good to me.

    Haha, I guess now that you're a mom you have different priorities. I would love to shop for bikinis but I need to lose weight first lol.