25 Days of Fitmas is Coming!

Who is it for?

This group is for those who want to maintain balance during the holiday season. It's for people who wish to incorporate more exercise into their routine while still enjoying those holiday cocktails, cookies, and feasts. This group will focus on establishing exercise as a part of your healthy lifestyle as well as keeping our bodies pumped with nutrients through a daily vegan protein shake. If you want to seriously get to business and shred, you'll want to join the "30 Days to Healthy Living" group, but this group will keep you focused and on track while still enjoying this festive season in moderation.

What products do I need?

You will need to make sure you are stocked with Arbonne protein, digestion plus, and fizz sticks (I'll even show you how to make some healthyish cocktails with these). Optionally, since we will be exercising consistently, I recommend the Arbonne Phytosport line for pre, during, and post workout. Finally, if you're like me and really trying to BUILD muscle, I'll be adding the protein boost to my shake as well.

What else will I get?
Besides the products, you will be provided with plenty of shake recipes, healthier alternatives to your favorite baked goods, cocktails, and dishes, workouts that you can do anywhere, and me as your personal coach. Note: the exercise commitment of this group is totally a personal decision and it is not at all necessary for us to all be doing the same thing on the same days, however I WILL provide written, easy to follow workouts for those who would like more explicit instruction.

What is the cost?
The cost of the protein, digestion plus, and fizz sticks together is $148. This includes shipping, 20% off everything for an entire year, and an additional free product of your choice up to $98 value on your next purchase! This price stands through November 30th so don't delay!

For directions to join us, please enter your email here and I will send you the next steps!