3 Keys to a Healthy Summer

Ahhh summer.... the season where fresh produce abounds and the opportunity to enjoy some fresh air actually might make me WANT to get out for a run.  So many things to make this season a healthy gal's dream!  But let's be honest, even with these and your swimsuit staring you in the face, summer can be TOUGH to stay on track!  I'd know.  There's a reason I waited until September to complete my first 30 day challenge ;)   But that doesn't mean you have to move in the wrong direction either.  Here I share my top tips for keeping progress on the upswing amidst vacations, barbecues, and midweek social gatherings. 

1. Start with your healthiest meal!  Even when you've eaten off track the night before, or know that it's about to happen, PLEASE resist the temptation to throw in the entire bucket and reach for that donut or bagel.  If you've seen my social stories, you know I pack my morning shake with nutrition.  I choose a super clean vegan protein because I know it's the easiest for my body to digest, safe for my kids when then want a sip (or half), and is packed with additional vitamins and minerals that I may fail to consume on my own as the days of summer slip on.  Commit to doing this for yourself, every single day, and you will start your day with a base of good nutrition. 

2. Digestion Plus.  This goes hand in hand with the shake (I put mine right in with the protein).  We know that a healthy balance of good bacteria is essential for digestion to work correctly, and a good digestive system is EVERYTHING when it comes to keeping off unwanted pounds.  It might be a small packet, but don't discount the effect it has on the microbiome.  Keeping this in the routine daily will no doubt mitigate the damage done by summer fun.  This is a MUST HAVE.  They don't call it the "muffin top eraser" for nothing!

3. Cocktails matter.  A standard margarita will set you back 455 calories, whereas a vodka soda about 90.  Throw some fizz in there for flavor and enjoy with a fraction of the guilt.  And don't forget your Complete Hydration for after!

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