Meal Prep Must Haves

It's no secret... the key to healthy eating and sticking to your diet is no doubt meal prep, planning, and the actual sh*t that you keep in your fridge.  I have bad weeks and I have good weeks, but the difference always seems to come down to this... preparation.  So how can you set yourself up for a week of total success?  Here are the things I don't think I could do this without...

1. A spreadsheet.  Yes, I sit down at my computer every week and put together an excel spreadsheet of every breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack for every person in my family.  Many of those boxes could be something as simple as "shake" and others may be a bit more involved.  It's a lot of copy and paste because when you're meal prepping, you tend to put together multiples of the same meal, and that's okay.  But having that visual typed out allows me to remove it from my mind and know that I have everything covered.  It also allows me to shop exactly for my weekly meals and nothing more so I'm not throwing out a ton of uneaten food at the end of the week.  WRITE IT DOWN.  Have a plan and stick to it!

2. Instacart.  Since my sister in law introduced me to this, I have legit not stepped foot in a grocery store for my weekly shopping.  You can shop your normal spots, getting regular prices, and pay a nominal delivery fee to have everything delivered to your house.  I knew immediately that this would be a game changer for me so I splurged and joined the $99 unlimited free delivery club for an entire year, and already I can say I've gotten my money's worth.  Best yet, I can tell you that I'm actually SAVING money on groceries because I'm not tempted to throw random items in my cart that weren't on the list... it's all right there in my app and I check out and that's it.  Again, super key to keeping things clean around here. Use this link for $10 in FREE groceries and to try it out for yourself!

3. Disposable meal prep containers.  Don't get me wrong, I'm definitely NOT throwing these away after every use and they are totally dishwasher safe, but they just seems to stack together with minimal space better than my regular tupperware, plus it's nice to have to option to just throw it away when your husband leaves a dirty one in his car for weeks on end... not saying anyone I know would do this. ;) I use something like this from Amazon and they do the trick just fine.

4. Quality supplements.  You know I love my Arbonne protein.. in shakes, french toast, baked goods, oatmeal... it's definitely become a versatile ingredient in my quest to live and share a healthy lifestyle.  And beyond that, I love our Phytosport line before and after my workouts, protein bars to keep in my purse on the go... there are SO MANY options at your disposal when you are a part of this healthy living tribe, and man does it simplify the meal prep process!

5. Inspiration!  Honestly I'm not much of a cook and my healthy meals can get a little redundant so I need all the recipe inspiration I can get.  I know it's cliche but I still get a TON of ideas from Pinterest and from a private accountability group that I belong to that helps me to stick to a mostly gluten free/dairy free diet.  Shoot me a message for info on how to be added!

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