Reasons I am Choosing to Detox (and maybe you should too)

Welp, here it is.  A post I wasn't sure I would ever write, but after much thought and research, I have decided to slowly begin detoxing my body and allowing myself to get back to natural "factory settings".  While I am definitely no believer in quick fixes and I have had my mom bod methods down for a while now, something in me is just itching to shake things up... because I know I can feel even better and honestly I am curious as all heck about how diet can effect the not so obvious things going on in our bodies!  Here I'm talking about some of the reasons I have decided to detox, and why YOU may want to as well!

1. Reoccurring nausea.  For several years now, I feel like I have experienced almost an ongoing sense of nausea.  Some days are worse than others.  Occasionally it goes away.  Exercise and healthy foods definitely help, but I have yet to cease the sensation completely.  I've basically learned to live with it and manage it, but I want a full solution, and all I know is that a detox certainly can't hurt!

2. Skin issues.  I've been pretty open in sharing my random outbreaks over the past 6 months and probably diagnosis of rosacea.  I now have a special cream and even a pill that I can take to control it.  But do I really WANT to add more prescriptions to my life?  What IF diet can control an incurable disease like rosacea?  I'm about to find out...

3. Anxiety.  Seriously I have gotten sooooo much more control over this through exercise, personal development, and yes, medication.  But the more I learn and study (ok I'm just a little bit obsessed with this stuff), I realize that the links between diet and mental health are undeniable.  And while we can continue to pump society full of SSRIs, I'd love to take the double attack method in a more natural way and at least LOOK at possible switches in my diet as a way of leveling out the ups and downs.

4. Mental clarity.  Can I get a "hell yessss" from all of my fellow mom brains out there?!  I don't know what it is... pregnancy, age, technology... but I feel like my brain fog is becoming thicker by the week.  When our body's systems aren't aligned, things seem more confusing and muddled.  I for one, am definitely due for a tune up.  

5. Remove toxins from the body.  From what I'm reading, toxins in the environment build up in our bodies over time and can effect all of the issues stated previously as well as things like energy, weight loss, and our immune systems.  It's no wonder then that even the best of us, with methods that have worked for years, are suddenly feeling some bumps in the road.  These toxins have built up over our lifetime.  For years.  And suddenly can begin to show themselves in a variety of ways.  

So, in conclusion, I STILL don't believe in quick fixes and I definitely support a healthy LIFESTYLE over a temporary diet.  However, I'm beginning to come into the camp of temporary toxin clean out as well.  What chronic issues are you battling?  Are you willing to test your diet as a cure?  

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