3 Day Fitness Fix

Because we stayed in town this MDW and kept things pretty low key (besides the state championship win!), I was able to really get back into my gym and focus on getting myself ship shape for my beach bachelorette party in less than 3 weeks!  While I’m not 100% there yet, I have to admit, I was completely shocked by the amount of progress I seem to have made in 3 days.  It feels good.  I feel like I’m finally in control to make this happen and am confident I can get my body where I want it to be by summer.  

The abs are beginning to appear!

What changed in 3 days??  Well, I’ve been working out for a long time now, so there are really just a few things that I attribute this to.  Want to look more fit and do it quickly?  Here’s how I do it...

1. Whey protein.  Not just after your workout, but before your workout too.  It may not be the best tasting thing in the world, but when you’re staring at that six-pack later, it won’t seem all that bad after all.

2. Extra abs and buns.  I’ve been taking those extra 5-10 minutes at the end of each workout to really focus on these areas and completely burn them out.  It could be mental, but I swear my butt has changed shape.  And I haven't seen my abs like this since last summer when I had nothing to do but work out every morning! Speaking of, it’s Wednesday, and on Wednesday’s we squat so.....

3. Tan.  You don’t have to damage your skin.  You can spray or whatnot and get the same effect.  I’ll be totally honest in saying that I baked my skin some this weekend.  I know it’s bad, but I really want a base so I don’t turn into the lobster the first time I’m laying on the beach all day.  Perhaps that’s the difference in making me feel like I’m getting in shape, but whatever it is, I’ll take it.  

Of course all of these need to be done in conjunction with a healthy diet and regular exercise routine.  I’m not saying that I’m ONLY doing abs and buns, just that I’m focusing more on these bikini revealing areas.  Good luck!  You’ll be lookin’ fit and fab in no time! 

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Championship Weekend

This was the first Memorial Day weekend since my fiance and I met that we have not gone to the beach.  It felt bizarre and at first I was the grouchiest of all grouches with a flaring case of FOMO, but everything turned out alright after all.

Let’s just start with the most important event of the weekend, maybe even of the year.  My fiance’s team WON the Maryland State Championship for the 3A division.  They’ve been coming close for years, but have never been able to make it to that final game.  This was their year, and it was so nice to watch.  They are such a great, cohesive group of coaches and kids and I am so happy for them to have finally met this elusive goal.  

Warming up before the game.

National Anthem

Just 3 more outs to go.

Charging the field after the final out!

So proud!
Love him.

I took him to dinner by the bay on Sunday because the weather could not have been more gorg to celebrate the fact that he is getting TWO rings this year!  2014 is shaping up to be pretty swell!

On a side note, although I did not make it to the beach this year, I absolutely killed it in the gym this weekend.  Like, I’m pretty sure my body has transformed in 3 days and I only pray that I can keep this up until my actual beach trip in 3 weeks.  So. freaking. excited.  Well, off to enjoy this extra day of the weekend.  Happy Memorial Day! 

Baseball and Wedding Season It Is

Lots going on with lots to do and my head is spinning.  For any teacher, the end of the school year is a crazy time.  Add to that my aggressive search for a closer job and an upcoming wedding and I feel like I need to write five different to-do lists.  Welcome grumpy Friday, which I have successfully avoided grumpy for a few weeks now and suddenly is back with a vengeance.  Why?  Because I suddenly realized it is Memorial Day Weekend and I will not be going to the beach with our friends for the first time in several years and I’m being immature and pouting about it.  Yes I am.  Onward and upward.....

We won’t be going to the beach, but we WILL be going to the Maryland State Championship game on Saturday night.  I mentioned earlier in the week that my fiance’s team had won the regional championship.  Well, on Tuesday they won the semi-final, and now are headed to Ripken Stadium for the title game Saturday night.  I am so proud and excited for him and am really enjoying becoming a part of his baseball family.  

If you missed it, be sure to check out all of the amazing details of my Fiesta Bridal shower that my mother and MOH threw for me a few weeks ago!  It was seriously one of the highlights of my life and I cannot wait for more festivities to come!

My passport came!  Cancun, Mexico (hence the fiesta) here we come!!!  

Finally put these puppies in the mail!  Now to sit back and wait for the responses!  

Special thanks to my uncle, Phillip, who dedicated so much of his life to serving this country and who left so many good memories for me and my family to treasure.  Until we meet again... Happy Memorial Day!  

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My Fiesta Shower!

Earlier this month, I was blessed with an amazing and thoughtful party that I honest to God never thought would happen for me.  It was my bridal shower day and I absolutely loved every minute of it!  I guess there is something special about YOUR shower and having everyone that you know and love from all different families and circles in one place for YOU!  But it was truly better than I ever thought it would be and know it will be a day I will treasure forever!

Because my fiance and I will be honeymooning in Cancun, Mexico, we decided to make it a Fiesta theme and it truly did not disappoint!  Just check out the decor inside and out!

Food and cocktails were served inside.  There was a “taco bar”, crock pots filled with chicken and beef and toppings of your choice spread out on the table.  We also had tortilla chips and a variety of salsas, queso, and guac!  

"una flor para las madres"
It was Mother's Day weekend, so any guests that were mothers took one! 

And of course at MY shower there was no shortage of alcohol.  Margaritas, Sangria, or Corona... you want it, we’ve got it!  

Dollar store cactus glasses.
Mason jar mugs from One Kings Lane.
Real Sangria... tastes like homemade!

After mingling, visiting, and eating some of the food, we did presents and games outside on the patio.  My MOH had everyone write a date idea on a popsicle stick and put it in this adorbs container for us to pull from throughout the years.  I’m not sure he will go for the one marked “Go to a Steelers game”, but then again, it was written by the same person who bought me a new jersey as part of my gift.  I have already warned her that if we get divorced, she will be blamed ;)  

We also played the game where I have to answer questions the way my fiance would and if I get it wrong I have to eat a piece of bubble gum.  I was 5 for 10 which I honestly don’t think is too shabby!  

I seriously cannot believe all of the thoughtful and generous gifts that people got us.  They truly went above and beyond and I am so grateful for everyone in our life! 

Before people left we were sure to snap a few fun pictures of the bridal party, props and all! 

We also encouraged all of the guests to have a slice of cake and package up a bag of cookies for themselves.  The cookie table is a Pittsburgh wedding tradition, but since I truly do not feel like dealing with it on the wedding day, I thought the shower would be a great place to have it!

I realize this makes me a total baby, but I literally cried on Monday because it was over and I wanted to do it again.  So much I fun I hate to see it end!  Good thing there's and even bigger party to come!

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The Third Weekend in May

I don’t know about where you live, but in the Baltimore area, the third weekend in May is by far the most eventful weekend of the year.  Preakness, WMZQfest, Wine in the Woods, Beer Bacon BBQ festival... you name it, every big social event, they’re all on the same day.  I’ve spent most of my adult life cursing this coincidence because most of things one wants to do in Maryland is all happening at the same time, and thus you begin weighing the opportunity costs like you’d never do regularly.  

But guess what?  This weekend I did NONE of these!  Nope, not a one!  That’s because we had so many great personal commitments that there was no time for public festivity. 

My fiance is a high school baseball coach and this weekend they won their regional championship game!  This is the game they have gone to and lost the past 2 years and notoriously throughout program history, so even though they expected to win it, everyone I was understandably nervous and keeping fingers crossed.  Anyway, they won the game and are now two games away from a state championship!  They play next on Tuesday evening and you better believe I’ll be there in full Gator gear!  Follow along on IG for game day updates!

Mine is the coach on the far right!

Showing my Gator spirit! 

After the game we had to hull butt to get to a wedding that we were already late to.  We knew we’d be missing a significant amount due to the game, but luckily we got there just as they announced the Mr. and Mrs. into the reception.  Only missed the ceremony after all!  The wedding was held on a farm and it was cool because there were many different locations and barns that we rotated between throughout the night, so it kept things interesting.  My fiance was totally mesmerized by the farm atmosphere which was pretty enlightening for me since I grew up in a “hick town” as we say and am 100% accustomed to such locations, but it was funny to see how in awe he was.  Gosh, if I knew he’d be this into it, I would’ve taken him to many more hometown parties when we started dating!  I have to say the highlight of the night though was the bride herself and her gorgeous gown.  I probably looked like a total creeper eyeing her up and down, but the dress had these sparkles throughout the entire thing and I just couldn’t stop staring at them!  So pretty!  

Gator koozies!  Oh yea!  

Sunday was warm enough to lay out and get some sun by the pond (aka pool that is green, unopened, and inhabited by frogs) followed by a lil gym sesh.  After all, swimsuit season is coming and my bachelorette party is less than a month away! Time to take care of this pasty white skin situation I’ve got goin’ on! 

Have a great Monday guys!  So much easier when the windows are down and the sun is shining right?! 

Where to Shop for Cheeky Bikinis: Part II

Because my original post was so popular, and because I have discovered so many new sources of the elusive flattering cheeky suit, I've decided to post  a follow up to my original list.  If you're looking for a suit, please be sure to check out that list first, as it contains all of my go-to, favorite places to bikini shop.  

Addicted as I am?  Then please, check out these sites as well.  After all, we needn't all buy the exact same swimsuits right?  How embarrassing that would be!

It's pricey, I won't lie.  Like, a little over $200 per suit pricey.  But if you have the money and are looking for something different, I like the embellishments on a lot of their suits.  Jewels, pearls, chains... pretty much everything fun that screams "Vegas!" in my mind.  

Looking to get some bang for your buck? This Miami boutique has a wide selection of reversible cheekies!  It's like two suits for the price of one (which is around $90)! Not too shabby if I do say so myself.

Another Miami based business and extremely affordable.  This neon pink top and bottom are $14.99 and $19.99, respectively.  The only thing that confused me is that I do recognize some of the suits from my very favorite brand, Doll Swimwear, so I'm not sure if it's just a vendor of many labels or what, but regardless, its worth looking into.  You know you're obsessed with swimwear when you start recognizing brands on other sites....  

This is an Australian based company which is totally a bummer because it will prevent me from ordering from them, even though the suits are sooooo cute!  Shipping to the U.S. is an extra $30, but free if you spend $200.  Def something to consider before ordering but how stinking cute is that suit?  Seriously!  

Holy heck.  I added good ole Vicki's to the list.  After spending the last several years complaining that their suits don't fit anyone properly and about them being sort of stuck in old times, the new itsy bikini bottoms have blown me away.  I got a pair of the black and white striped ones and am soooooo in love with them that I ordered another in a different color.  They seriously could not fit any more perfectly and are just the right amount of coverage.  VS, I apologize for knocking you.  You've redeemed yourself ten times over!  

Now if you're going to dare to bare those buns this summer, don't forget to keep up with my summer booty challenge!  Here's this week's exercise add-on thanks to the TIU girls!  Gosh I love them!  

Happy Hump Day!  Now go get one! ;) 

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Hola Amigos! Mother's Day Weekend Recap

Wow, what a gorgeous and perfect weekend it was.  Hope all you mamas out there had an amazing Mother’s Day!  Here’s my recap.  And even though I’m not a mama, I don’t think you could beat my weekend one bit! 

Friday evening I met my fiance and his best friend for happy hour after work.  They had just finished a successful field day (both are P.E. teachers together) so it was a celebration too!  Tiki bar was the perfect place to kick off this beautiful weekend!

Saturday was a big, BIG day!  My bridal shower!!!!  I seriously had the most fun and couldn’t have asked for anything better.  So many of my friends and family came and were so thoughtful in their gift giving.  I will post more about it later, but for now I will just say that I had the best time and I know it will be a day that I look back on and cherish forever.  

Sunday was probably the most gorgeous day we’ve had all year.  I drank my coffee and addressed invitations on the patio, followed by thank you cards by the “pond”.  Actually, by our pool, but it’s not opened yet and the frogs were talking to me, so it seems more like pond right now!  I have a month until my beach trip, so it’s time to work on this pasty white skin of mine!

Later, my fiance’s parents and grandfather came over to have dinner and celebrate Mother’s Day. We had our first family dinner at our actual dining room table and everything was great!  

The only thing missing was my Mom, but since she had driven up the day before for the shower and my family was still staying at her house from Pittsburgh, we decided to celebrate another time.  She did so much for my shower, so I know she was exhausted and needed a day of rest! 

Now I’m ready to bang out another fantastic week.  It’s gonna be warm and sunny again (extra recess kids??) and there is still so much to look forward to.  Have a good Monday everyone! 

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