Five Things from Childhood I Wish Would Come Back

With two little buns on the way, I can't help but think back to all of the great things I had as a kid.  The things I loved and looked forward to and cherished enough to remember clearly at age 32.  Unfortunately things change, and I'm not sure my kids will ever get a chance to experience what I consider to be legitimate rights of childhood.  What do you think?  Are our kids deprived or are today's newest inventions here to put my faves to shame?  Read on and be the judge!

1.  The Wuzzles (and other actual decent animated morning cartoons).  This show was the freaking best.  I distinctly recall waking up early each Saturday morning and racing to the TV to wait for the Wuzzles to come on.  This along with the New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh, Rainbow Brite, Peewee's Playhouse... they just don't make 'em like they used to.  I don't know what the heck kind of dumb grown man singing with puppets type show comes on NBC Saturday mornings, but I really don't think I can stomach that one for more than 5 minutes. Where did all the good shows go??

2.  Jellies. Ok, I actually did a little research and it turns out they may in fact be coming back!  Found these cute clear sparkly ones from Kohls, though I wouldn't hate them in neon pink either ;)

3.  Halloween Happy Meal buckets from McDonalds.  Don't worry I still have a full collection, but it would be cool if my little pumpkins could take a drive through trip and be handed a sweet little meal all packaged in one of these bad boys.  Way more exciting than a bag.  Just sayin'.  

4. McDonaldland cookies. Is it bad that 2 of my 5 have to do with McDonalds?? :)  But seriously, these were the most delicious things on the planet.  Plus, it's a great lesson in  opportunity cost as you can only choose one dessert.  McDonaldland or Chocolaty Chip?  The ultimate decision.

5.  Babydolls.  Somebody please tell me that your daughter carries a baby doll.  I feel like I see little girls all over the place with Barbies or blankets, but rarely do I see a little girl with a baby doll.  I never left the house without my doll, Pink baby, and honestly am probably still attached to actually let me girls play with her.  They'd have to be reallllly careful.  I hope mine will love dolls as much as I did.

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  1. I totally forgot about the Wuzzles!!!! Do you remember Zoobilee Zoo?
    I used to LOVE my jellies! :)
    What a fun list and a great throw back to our childhoods! :)

  2. I remember these!!! WOW loved them all!