My Soapbox! 5 Things that Bug Me!

1. Let me start with something that really bugs me.  And I know I'm being a little risky by saying this out loud (God forbid I get one in the mail one day, I promise I won't judge).  But why are these fill in the blank thank you cards alllll over the place lately?  Clearly they are popular and selling, for they keep springing up in greater and greater numbers online.  But it truly just makes me shake my head in disgust at the laziness of the world today.  No wonder the kids I teach seem to have little sense of gratitude and every sense of entitlement.  I mean you really loved the gift?  I really made your birthday special?  Gee thanks, I'm not sure how genuine that seems being that it came on a pre-printed card.  I mean, I get that life is chaotic and I'm all about efficiency, but not when it comes to expressing genuine gratitude for the people who do nice things for you.  I remember as a child my mother forcing me to write actual hand written notes to family members despite my clear dislike of the task, but you know what?  I now know how to express gratitude in a real, genuine way, written or not.  Stop filling in the blanks people and teach your kids the makings of a real personalized letter and words that let someone know how important they are.  And that's all I have to say about that.

2. I keep seeing this watermelon cake posted all over fb and Pinterest.  And don't get me wrong, I'm sure it's tasty.  But am I the only one who feels like this just looks like a mean mean trick?  I mean, you're at a party and you see this glorious thing sitting on the table and you think to yourself, "I can't wait to have a slice of that cake!"  Then they finally cut it and WHAM!  Here's your fruit chunk!  What a ripoff... 

3. Go ahead and Google search "Michelle Obama hair".  Then again, I'm sure you don't need to because it's been on every entertainment television show there is.  Basically she had it pulled into a ponytail on Jeopardy and it appeared to make her look bald.  The amount of backlash because of this has been unreal.  And you know, I don't even think it looks bad.  She could totally pull off the bald look!  I will say it certainly makes me thankful I am not Michelle Obama as I sit here typing with my naturally dried poodle hair and blotchy skin thanks to nutrient sucking peanuts cohabiting my body. For Christ sake, leave the woman alone. 

4. Sea World is now coming back in response to allegations made in Blackfish and elsewhere?  Go ahead Sea World, I'm actually giving you the benefit of the doubt that you do in fact have the best of intentions.  Unfortunately, people are more educated now than ever and common sense tells us that an orca can not live a quality life in a small tank.  I don't know how to fix it at this point, but I certainly wouldn't call it humane.   Admit you were wrong and exit the business.  The end.

5.  This weather.  My IG feed says sandals and sundresses, but the view out my window says scarves and gloves.  And I'm on Spring Break....  pedi or no pedi.... that is the question.  

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  1. Ugh those thank you cards are annoying to me too. My SIL sends out thank yous for gifts that her kids get, with a fun picture of the girls on their birthdays with a stock thank you message, but whenever I get it, I'm always glad to see the picture and the thanks, but it's not thanks from the girls. It's thanks from my SIL. I always had to write thank you notes as a kid, I dunno why that changed.
    The watermelon cake looks amazing...and you should always get the pedi--treat yourself!! :)

  2. Yes to alllllll of this. My mom taught me the importance of genuine gratitude and I STILL write them as a 24 year old. Also, I love to receive hand-written ones, too! And Michelle Obama does look a little bald... but who cares?! She's a fabulous lady! Also, SeaWorld can pack it up now... I, for one, won't be going back!

  3. If my son has to fill out a Thank you Note - we talk about what he is going to say. I have him prewrite on a scrap piece of paper. We make sure the words are spelled right, and then he writes the whole SHABAM out. No lazy thank you notes. Plus, handwriting is super important to me, as is his learning script.

    Watermelon cake - OHMYGOD - I just sent this to my friend at work - and we are BLOWN away. Totally making this for the next work pot luck. So easy - so fresh. LOVE LOVE LOVE.

  4. In defense of the thank you cards, I think it depends on the age. For some preschoolers/ kindergartner making out multiple thank your cards can take FOREVER and the longer it goes,the more unclear the writing. There was a point I was happy I could get my daughter to make few words that were clear enough to read. After that I think they age out any excuses to not write out cards. Plus, there are other cute & creative ways to send thank you cards from kids.