Wedding Flashback: The Ceremony!

Admittedly, I may be way late on this, but in this cold heart of winter, it seems the perfect time to flash back to warmer seasons and one of the best days of my entire life.  Marrying the man of my dreams in what turned out to be my dream wedding!  Today I'm sharing the details of our ceremony, perhaps my favorite part of the day.  

It was a Catholic ceremony, and not the short version.  We opted for a full Catholic mass in our very own church, surrounded by family and friends, most of whom understand our faith and traditions.  At first I felt guilty and was pre-apologizing to our guests about what would be a lengthy, prayer-filled hour.  But then I realized, I'm the bride bi*ch and it's MY wedding and honestly, having my marriage recognized by my faith and fulfilling this sacrament was important to me.  So we did it.  And it was beautiful by the way.  The only time I felt a little awkward was the few minutes we stood in front of the Blessed Mother Statue during the Ave Maria, and all I could picture was Rob Schneider down on one knee.  (Grownups?? Anyone??)  

The ceremony took place at St. Augustine Church in Elkridge, Maryland at 11 o'clock in the morning.  I'm an early bird if you can't tell ;)  My husband's priest from high school (yes, he was once a nice little catholic school boy) married us, which made it all the more special, as all of his closest boys stood by his side.  You've met my girls before, so I'll spare you the introduction.

Even better, the photos turned out great and I am so excited to share them with you today!  

Outside the church with my girls, pre ceremony!

My nervous lover and his brothers looking on as he waits for me to walk down the aisle!

My Mori Lee gown that I love, love, LOVE!

You can't beat a gorgeous church.

I can't stop smiling...

With all of his boys and their priest from high school, who married us!  So special!

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  1. Love that church! Found you through Shanna's link up!!!

  2. Wow that church is stunning! I love your dress, your bridesmaids dresses, and how positively happy and radiant you look!

  3. Your pictures are all stunning!!! I love the shot of you and your girls outside, along with the group photo! The one of you two walking down the aisle together, all smiles, is a keeper! :)

  4. Love the mix and match bridesmaid dresses and the church is beautiful as you are too!