Let the Countdown Begin

Today starts the last full week of 2013 and the last week of eating whatever I effing want.  I have to say, I am really looking forward to starting a healthy diet again and I’m pretty sure my little fitness hiatus did the trick in getting me reenergized and focused.  The past week has left me feeling pretty crappy, and I’m quite certain my diet is to blame.  Between running around and forgetting not having time to eat an actual meal, yet still consuming 10 cookies a day because they always seem to be on hand, my blood sugar has been totally out of wack and I find myself shaking or dizzy for no apparent reason.  Ok, I guess the cookies are the reason.  Whatev.

Starting next week, I’m jumping into a protein rich, veggie packed diet that will hopefully leave me feeling reenergized and reveal the abs the I’m assuming are still hiding somewhere in there.  I am also fortunate to have the whole next week off of work so I’ll have plenty of time to figure out a grocery list and actual meal plan that I can stick to.  

What are your favorite clean meals that are also easy to make? 

Who else is joining me in the quest for fitness in 2014?  

Let’s get excited with some of my favorite fitspo!

And there you have it.  Get Lean in 2014 to launch in T-minus 7 days!

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  1. I am going to jump on your bandwagon, for a multitude of reasons starting with the vain part of two weeks in the Caribbean happening, plus a major birthday and oh yea getting healthy because I feel like crap now and I do realize the Healthy should be first LOL. Grabbed your button as well.

  2. I'm with you in 2014!!! Let's do this girlfriend!!