A Couple of FIRSTS on the LAST Week of the Year

Has it really been a week already?  Holy smokes.  You’d think that with having the entire week off work, I could have found some time to sit down and write something, right?  I thought so too, but somehow feel like I’ve been running around like a crazy person for a week straight.  So many things to do and people to see!  So tonight, an entire week later, I am FINALLY sitting down with my laptop and cup of hot cocoa, enjoying some total me time!  

So let’s back it up to earlier in the week when I had the opportunity to visit the best neighborhood lights display I’ve ever seen.  Despite living in Maryland for a long time now, I had never actually visited the renowned 34th Street lights until this year.  Another couple we often hang out with are pros and visit the neighborhood every year, so I insisted they take us with them and show us the ropes.  Their experience showed as they gave us the guided tour pointing out the best restaurants, the giant flamingo, and the double decker Royal Farms.  (That’s right folks... 2 stories!)  Most importantly they came equipped with plastic cups and mini Bota boxes to pour in as we walked the neighborhood.  

Ready for the tour!

On the way to the lights, one house was projecting the movie Elf onto a big screen on their roof for all to enjoy.  It was pretty amazing and I thought I’d seen it all at this point, except that we hadn’t even gotten to 34th Street yet.  I was excited.  I could see it glowing up ahead.  

When we finally turned the corner, I couldn’t help but smile like a 5 year old and take a zillion pictures as proof that I was actually there in real life.  Enjoy!  I believe they’re up through New Years so there is still time to see it for yourself!  

Their digital sign read "Merry Christmas from the family that's been doing this since 1947"!

Peace house.

All decorations made of hubcaps and bike wheels.

My favorite face enjoying the sights!

A touch of Maryland.

Natty Boh house!

As we were leaving, we passed a street vendor selling oysters that looked pretty legit and claimed to be extra salty.  Mouths watering, the boys made their way over the stand and started chowing down.  No idea what came over me.  I’ve been turning down raw oysters my entire life envisioning some slimy snot like substance sliding down my throat.  Maybe it was the company, maybe it was the wine, but I felt like it was the perfect time to try something new and I did it.  My friend helped me out with some lemon and cocktail sauce and I have to admit it wasn’t half bad.  I didn’t die, choke, or want to vomit in any way!

After the lights, we went to a trendy little restaurant, Birroteca, for dinner and drinks.  I got Sly Fox Christmas Ale because I enjoy being festive like that, and the food was particularly amazing.  

I have a feeling Hamden will have to become a more regular destination for us.  I hear Honfest is in the spring and I’ve never been there either! ;)

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  1. Haha some of those are too funny but creative. You are just glowing and radiant with excitement haha! Oh and by the way I stumbled upon your blog from the funday Monday blog hop. Following you