Fit Mom Essentials to Aid the Journey

So I worked out last week for the first time in over a month.  Can I get a freaking applause??? lol kidding.  But anyway, while I've let myself fall off the wagon a bit, I also know my body and my expectations and I have every confidence that when it's time to apply, I most certainly WILL come through.  Today I'm sharing some of my essential items that are helping to whip me back into shape  in 2018.  Won't you join me in making this the proudest year of your life?!

1. Booty bands and core sliders.  Yea I know there's always something right?!  Well this is the IN thing this year and I'm totally jumping on board, especially when it means buns of steel come summer. ;) I'll be incorporating these into my workouts this year and would love for you to follow along with me.  Drop your favorite piece of home gym equipment below!


2. Meal prep containers.  If there is one thing that has become the bain of my existence when it comes to nutrition, it's the freaking mismatched Tupperware and inability to match a container with a top, especially now with two toddlers clearing out the stash on the daily.  I've invested several times in these, but I'm doing it again because technically they are disposable and I'm not going to cry in agony when they go missing one by one.  Plus, they stack nicely in my fridge, maximizing space for the rest of our groceries.  I'd use the single compartment ones for last week's beef and broccoli prep, but I also enjoy the compartmentalized ones when I want to keep things from mixing together.

3. A protein supplement.  Honestly I feel like I am the only one of my friends that hasn't abandoned whey protein by now, but I still feel like it does the trick for me personally.  If it doesn't upset your stomach, it's the perfect post workout shake, aiding your muscle recovery practically upon swallowing.  That being said, I love my vegan shakes just as hard.  Either way you decide to go, just GOING is the secret.  So don't toil too much and just make a decision.  A shake a day keeps the cravings away, and stubborn fat is soon to follow...

4. A stainless steel water bottle.  Seriously all of my former work friends were drinking from these stupid bottles for years before I finally followed suit.  I thought they were just crazy thinking that this bottle was so superior, especially since I secretly hate cold water.  I don't care what the temperature is, right??  While I don't care about temp, there is something totally weird about these things... the water actually TASTES 10x better in one.  I only drink tap water anymore and for some reason coming off the steel is a totally different ball game.  I've never been good at hydrating, but this absolutely helps.  If you still don't have one, you need it.  Now.

5. A good sports bra.  Again, it's taken me a long time to recognize the importance of this since (A) I hate cardio and (B) I don't bounce much anyway, but since my doctor brought up the importance of lift, I've definitely given up my barely there bralette workouts.  I DO feel a difference when I get a good "lift" (pun intended) and this specific bra from Target has by far reigned supreme in my lineup of exercise gear as of late.  I know that it won't matter to everybody, but if you're someone who craves maximum support, try this puppy out.  I was definitely impressed enough to buy multiples of the same design.

I hope you found something on this list to help get you prepared for the NEW YOU and of course don't forget to join me in my private group for additional motivation, fun and prizes!

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