If I Got Married Today...

First things first, my wedding was flipping amazing.   We did it all for under 10K- dress, church, and reception included- and seriously I couldn't have chosen anything better.  I got all of the things that were important to me (a Catholic wedding, a beautiful dress, a party atmosphere) and skipped the things that weren't (band/DJ, expensive food, flowers).  I never had any regrets and am amazed every day at how well the whole thing actually came together.  But that being said, if I got married today, there's a few things I would do differently.

1. I'd leave the bouquet behind.  While I didn't order flowers for the venue or church, I did make little bouquets for myself and my bridesmaids because I was all "I don't know what to do with my hands".  I thought it would be weird to have my arms just loose so I figured I would need something to hold.  I hadn't really thought about the fact that at least one arm would be attached to my dad and honestly, that would have been enough. But anyway, despite the fact that I had like 2 feet cut off the bottom of my dress, on my actual wedding day, I started to walk down the aisle and was suddenly walking on the front of my dress.  I was stuck.  I had to backtrack to get off of it and start moving forward again.  I think I thought to kick it for a second, but quickly realized it wasn't working.  I had to lift up the front of my dress to walk.  If I hadn't had the bouquet, it would have been an easy grab, but I did.  Dang it.  I knew I should have just said no to all the flowers.  So I ended up having to let go of my dad's arm to pick up my dress and have him walk awkwardly beside me unattached.  On the way back up the aisle, I abandoned my bouquet with my MOH and declared I never wanted to see it again.

Prior to this, we had also taken our girl side of the wedding party photos and my mom, who was lost trying to find the church, happened to have my bouquet.  At the time, this seemed like an issue, but in hindsight I thank God for hiding that bouquet at that moment.  I very very highly prefer my photos without the bouquet to the ones with it.  I don't want pictures of flowers.  I want to see my beautiful dress that I waited a lifetime to wear and will never wear again.  I want to see the gorgeous styles that my bridesmaids picked out.  I want to see everyones smiling faces, not covered by a row and random flowers in front.  But that's just me.  You do what calls to you.

No thank you.

So much better. Photos by Maureen Pacheco.

2. Tuxedo delivery service.  I mean I ask this every time we have a wedding but with all of the technological changes in shopping these days, why are we STILL schlepping to the Men's Warehouse every single time and anxiously racing there in our hungover stupor the next day to find all the missing pieces and return said tux before the cutoff time?  Because men.  That's why.  Men don't do change when it comes to shopping, like my husband who keeps telling me he needs to go to the mall because he needs a new cologne.  Really?  People still do that?  I digress..  Turns out, there actually IS a better way and you CAN do the online rent and return thing without hassle.  And at a $95 starting price point, I'd say it can't be beat.  For more details on how to rent and return your party's tuxes without having to make inconvenient trips back and forth to the warehouse, check out The Black Tux.  You're welcome.

3. LipSense!  Oh how I wish I knew about LipSense when I got married!  To be clear, I LOVED my color, but I can't say it stayed on for long.  Yes, I kept the tube in my little clutch, but who knows where that ended up and I was definitely having wayyy too much fun for that! When you wear LipSense, your color stays on throughout the entire event - even up to 18 hours!  I do recommend starting LipSense at least a month before your wedding to make sure your lips are in prime shape and used to a non-wax based product ;)  Did you know I also provide brides with a 10% discount on all products?  Contact me for suggestions and to snag the perfect color for your day!

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