How to Get Plump, Color Worthy Lips

Ok guys, it's honesty time.  You've probably heard me raving about the magic of LipSense and spreading my lip selfies all over Instagram.  It's easy to see I love the product.  But even as a spokesperson, my early experiences using it were often met with disappointment.  I looked at the photos, watched the tutorials, and followed every bit of directions, but my lips just didn't look like theirs.  They weren't young and sexy and voluptuous.  I wanted the color, but I wanted it on their lips.  Could I really pull it off with a thin, crackly pout?

Luckily, I have also learned a few very simple and easy to implement tricks to rectify this situation.  

1. Gloss and let your lips exfoliate.  This is really here for the newbies who are wondering where the magic is.  If you just started, you probably feel like you are glossing every 10 minutes and the color is still peeling off at your water line by midday.  I promise this will end. Your lips are thirsty.  Like parched for actual, healthy moisture.  They're soaking in your gloss like a plant that hasn't been watered in months and sloughing off the junk like crazy.  It's a good thing.  See through the process and I promise the lips that are waiting for you will already be better than what you've been working with thus far.  And because your lips will be naturally moisturized, your gloss will last a lot longer too!

2. Drink water.  Of course it's good for our bodies to stay hydrated.  Guess what?  It works for your lips too!  You can help your products to work at their best by doing your part to moisturize from the inside out. If you feel like your lips are cracking and drying out quickly, you probably need to drink more water.  

3. Lip volumizer!  Oh my gosh you guys, I LOVE this product!  I personally put it on once a day at night before I go to bed and sleep in it.  It has done wonders to fill in some of the cracks in my lips and reverse the signs of aging.  I mean, I have to keep up with these 20 somethings on my team somehow right?? ;) 

4. Over-line your lips.  You might feel a little silly doing it the first time, but if you do it just slightly, it really helps your pout to stand out.  I always take the pointed part of my applicator and line around the outside of my lips, just to make them a little bit bigger.  

5. Contour under your bottom lip.  Add just a tiny dot of shadow under your bottom lip and it will help to create the illusion of a fuller lip.  Just be careful here because it's easier to add product than it is to remove (I may or may not know from experience lol). 

So there you have it.  While none of these tips are necessarily going to leave you looking like Scarlett Johansson, they will give you some gorgeous, color worthy lips you can feel confident in! Good luck and let me know how it goes! xo

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