The Hardest Goodbye: Why I Left Beachbody

I often talk about making changes in life to move yourself forward.  I talk about dropping all of those negative thoughts and influences.  Saying goodbye to those who hold you back, in order to embrace those who push you forward.  It's usually pretty clear to me what those things or people or situations are and to this point I've had no issues letting them go one by one.  Be it past boyfriends, childhood friends, employers, or even family members, I've not been one to hold on.  For when it's time to part ways, it's time to part ways, and I've never had a thought to look back.  

Recently I was hit with an unexpected challenge.  I was given a choice that I didn't want to make.  I was forced to weigh out some major options and DECIDE, which as a Libra is a word that simply makes me cringe.  For though I had only started dipping my toes into the business of cosmetics and skincare, I was told to wrap things up and end it, before I had ever had a chance to really begin.  But why?? Can I not exercise AND wear makeup?  Can I not expand into markets to grow MY business and help more people?  Apparently I couldn't, at least not with them.  

While when I put it that way, the choice should have been clear, instead I've spent weeks agonizing, toiling, and just being pretty much sick over a decision I knew I had to make, and it's all because of the wonderful people I simply do not want to say goodbye to.  For while it's easy to say goodbye to negative situations, it's not easy to part with people who are genuinely the reason why you are choosing to push forward, take risks, dream bigger, and as they taught me, live my full potential.  

I've always been a lover a exercise and health.  If you've followed me since the beginning, you know my brand was not built on Beachbody.  In fact, I had my own methods, beliefs, and effective system of shred, which I personally lived by and shared snippets of back in the day.  But it wasn't until Beachbody that I found my sisters.  My tribe of encouragers, my role models, my mentors... a whole crew of amazing humans who inspired me every single day to be alllllll of things I ever wanted to be and more, and for that I will be eternally grateful.  

Still, I was faced with a decision that would force me to say goodbye to this amazing tribe.  Not that we would never speak again, because we certainly will, but I wouldn't be linking arms anymore.  I wouldn't be in the masterminds, on the calls, having direct and constant access, and having that support system at my fingertips.  It's just about as scary as any breakup I've ever initiated, but I know it has to be done.  Because of this team, I have learned...

  1. There is enough success in the world for everybody.  Somebody else does NOT have to suffer in order for you to succeed and when you put the work in, the rewards will inevitably follow.
  2. The more people you help to succeed, the more successful you become.  Focus on helping others and make that your main priority.
  3. Your capabilities are limited only to your beliefs.  You can accomplish whatever you set your mind to when you believe it in your heart and you work your booty off to achieve it.
  4. Anyone who has ever achieved great things has "jumped" at some point, taking big risks in order to reap big rewards.

And as a result of these values, I can no longer accept terms that limit me and my brand.  These are now a part of my core beliefs and I can't reverse them.  Not even when they are coming from the horse's mouth.  

And so it is with nervousness, some sadness, and yet still a ton of excitement and promise that I announce my decision to part ways with the company that inspired me to do ME with confidence.  It's truly bittersweet, but God already has another door wide open.  It's time to truly JUMP and seize the life He has in store for me!  Who's coming with me?!

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  1. I was really bummed BB made us choose also. Such a bummer. Although I hope it brings you new opportunities :)

  2. I was also with a DS company when I found my true calling with my marketing team and I was also told I would have to choose. Sorry to hear with your company, you had to do the same. :(