But the Rainbow is Coming

You know the old saying "when it rains it pours"?  Well it's definitely pouring.  To compound a particularly stressful week, I got sick, learned we need a new pool liner (more $), and spent the weekend in the hospital with a very loved member of my family.  Not going into details here, but it's been a struggle.  Needless to say, compounding the family stress even more and having my husband questioning if life will ever be the same again.  I don't think it will, but not for the reasons you might suspect.

See, I spent the morning... heck probably half the week, stressing over everything.  And I mean everything.  Things that have happened already and things that haven't.  Things I can control and things I can't.  Things at work, at home, and in my business and you know what??  It didn't make me feel any better.  All it did was start me on a path of anxiety.   That filling pit in your stomach where you know there is so much to be solved and so little clue where to start.  But I made myself a promise this season.  I told myself that when the going gets tough, I'm not going to my typical devices.  I'm not going to lists and exercise and diets and drugs and everything else it normally takes to keep me sane.  Nope, from now on I'm going to God first.

When you see what is happening around you as a predestined plan from God, you have no more reasons to stress.  You are put at peace knowing this too shall pass and everything will run smoothly once again.  In fact, it will be better than smooth.  It will transcend any life you had before.  I'm a firm believer in that and if you don't believe that, you are truly selling God short.  Your struggles are not random.  They're preparing you for something.  You may not know what it is yet, but when you stay on God's path, you will surely find out.

Lately we've had our struggles and we've had our worries, but I know now that God is in control and that we are sure to come out stronger every time.  Stop questioning why me and enter your rainy seasons with confidence.  Because the heavier and more violent your rainstorm, the bigger and brighter your rainbow is sure to be.

There's a reason why a rainbow appears after a rainstorm.  It's not there on a bright and sunny day.  It's not there when everything is smooth sailing and wonderful.  It takes some turbulence, some downpours and clouds.  You have to live through the dismal times to see the most beautiful ones.  Ok, I'm sure there's a scientific reason for it too, but I'm going with God's reasons.

What are some stresses you have in your life right now that you could release to God?  How would it make you feel to get rid of that stress in your life?  Stop worrying and start releasing.  Even I need to remind myself of this constantly!

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