The Future of Fitness

Eeeeeek!  You guys!  I am bursting at the seams!  The future of fitness is here and finally.... FINALLY... all of my visions of what is possible for people are coming to fruition.  This has the potential to change your life, and if you are at all interested in health and exercise, you are not going to want to be left behind.  I mean, are you still carrying around the Zack Morris phone?? No?  I didn't think so.
  So what's the big deal?  It's all about technology.  It's all about finding a way to get health and exercise at our fingertips and as accessible as possible.  Because the more accessible it is, the more likely we are to use it, right?  

Gone are the days when you had to choose a fitness program from an infomercial.  I'm sorry but I am SO OVER trying to pin clients into a single program or trainer, as if they are going to do that for the rest of their lives, or as though they are going to quit the fit life after a month or two.  It's just not realistic.  It worked for a while because that's what the fitness world had put together - single programs to be followed according to a specific formula - and you had to choose which ONE was the best fit for you.  

But what if you want to do more than one?  What if you want to try everything?  If you want to fill your life with all of the new experiences and adventures and techniques... and well, don't we just want it all these days?  It's why we're no longer satisfied with basic cable.  We need all the specialties, our programs on demand, when we want them and whatever we are in the mood for that day.  So why should our workouts be any different?  

Here I reveal to you the Amazon Prime of fitness, and I'm afraid there is no turning back from here.  With Beachbody On Demand All Access, you can legit every single Beachbody program ever invented, plus all future releases at no additional cost.  You join. You're in the club.  You get it all.  Period.  It's like a kid in a candy shop except it's your future inner bombshell in a busy mom's paradise.  You can stream your workouts from wherever you want whenever you want and switch your programs up as much as you like.  It's your plan to create and my God is it freeing! 

What do I mean by everything?  I mean EVERYTHING...
  • 21 Day Fix
  • 21 Day Fix Extreme
  • P90X
  • P90X2
  • P90X3
  • Body Beast
  • TurboFire
  • Brazil Butt Lift
  • Ten Minute Trainer
  • ChaLEAN Extreme
  • INSANITY: The Asylum
  • Tony One-on-One 
  • Hip Hop Abs
  • Hip Hop Abs Deluxe
  • Tai Cheng
  • Rev Abs
  • Rockin Body
  • Shaun T Dance Party
  • Turbo Jam
  • Total Body Solution
  • Yoga Booty Ballet
  • Ho' Ala ke Kino
  • Power Half Hour
  • Great Body Guaranteed
  • Get on the Ball
  • Power 90
  • Project You
  • Slim in 6
  • Slim Series Express
  • Slim Series
  • Brazil Butt Lift Master Series
  • ChaLEAN Extreme Deluxe
  • The Master’s Hammer and Chisel
  • Focus T25
  • 3 Week Yoga Retreat

... and more!  This doesn't even include the Active Maternity series, niche workouts, or Challenge Du Jours.  So when I say all access, I mean it!

Know what else is cool?  You can stream it anywhere.  You don't have to be tethered to a DVD.  Want to stream on your lunch break?  DO IT.  Want to exercise in your hotel room?  DO IT.  Want to set that laptop up on the kitchen countertop because it's the only room in your house that is childproofed and you can't leave it?  DO IT.  (Ok, maybe that last one is just me, but you get my point.)  This is a revelation giving you full flexibility and full freedom to design a routine you love and will have success with.  So let's do it.  Who's ready to come into the future with me?  Your inner bombshell is dying to be discovered! 

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