5 Places to Look for Inspiration

I mentioned last week in a video on my page, that one of my secrets to making 2017 the best year ever was to seek out the things that inspire you.  People, places, activities... whatever it is, intentionally tune into these things. It will change your life.  

But how do you know what inspires you?  It's a feeling really.  It's the things that fill you with positive thoughts and hope for your future.  The feeling that you can conquer the world.... because YOU CAN... if you keep the right mindset and remain inspired ;)  

So where do I find so much so called inspiration?  I can only speak for myself, but here are some ideas to get you started...

1. Your friends and coworkers.  Primarily the ones you aspire to be more like.  My friend has an aunt who is 50-something going on 29.  I'm telling you, she's a fox.  And to top it all off she's a magical fairy of happiness and positivity.  When we go through a rough patch, we've made it a point to always think of her and how her life has turned out.  We also ask her questions and pay attention to her advice.  People don't become who they are purely by chance, so when you meet a person you admire, tell them.  Then pay very close attention.  

2. Social media.  I do not care if social media is just a "highlight reel".  If you're reel is inspiring, I want to see it.  Period.  Find the people you jive with, whether you know them or not, and follow along.  Like it or not, most of us are attached to our phones like it's an actual appendage, so make sure you are looking at things that make you feel good!  

3. Books and podcasts.  I have to admit, despite the collection I've acquired, I still SUCK at books.  Like I have only finished probably 5 whole books in my entire life suck.  It's definitely something I am working on this year because I realize that anyone who has achieved great things has read a lot of books.  Thankfully I've probably written enough to make up for that.  But I digress.  Books, or in my case, podcasts, do a lot of good and the self help business is booming.  So go help yourself, by all means. 

4. Your family.  Yes, I know they drive us crazy sometimes, but hopefully there are at least some people in your family you would do just about anything for.  They are your WHY.  Why are you doing everything that you do?  When I think about the life I want to create for my family - for my husband and my children - that's a lot of inspiration right there.  I mean, have you seen my twins?  How can they NOT uplift you?  

5.  Your past.  Ok, this probably sounds weird, especially if you have not yet done the things you want to do.  It's easy to dwell on the things you didn't achieve, the times when God seemingly forgot you, or when luck just didn't go your way.  But you probably have one thing.  You probably have at least one moment in your life where you felt like the f*cking King of the Pridelands, capable of everything and anything, and like you just crushed your goal like the badass mama jamma that you are.  Go back to that moment.  Figure out what you did.  Then, do it again.  

I hope these ideas can help you to light your own inner fire in 2017 and make this the best year of your life!  Got more ideas to add?  Please do so in comments! xo 

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