Dollar Bin Finds You Need to Get Right Now!

That's right.  The dollar bin.  I'm not sure what's happened at Target lately but I feel like those dollar bins when you first walk into the store that used to be filled with random junk have slowly begun to fill with straight up gems that clearly are worth way more than $1.  But hey, twist my arm.  I guess I'll take one... of each... please.  

1. The absolute most adorable little kid plates.  They come in numerous designs but this one is my favorite.  I got one for each of the girls for Valentines Days, even if they have to wait until next year to use them. ;)

2. These planner pages.  There are both monthly and weekly formats in there, with tabs, pre-hole punched and ready to go straight into a mini binder (also in the dollar bins).  I'm telling you in all honesty these look pretty close to the $25 planner I currently own.  Next year, I'll know better.  

3. A 5 pack of completely blank story books.  If you're mom with an elementary aged kid, I would definitely buy these.  With the amount of hours I spent writing my own books as a child, I'm pretty sure I would have thought these were the absolute best things on the planet.  Plus, they're pretty professional looking so you could totally keep them forever as a souvenir of their childhood.  5 for $3.  Sounds good to me.  

4.  The cutest little notepads and pencils on the planet.  There's like, tons.  I picked black, white, and teal.  They match my blog. ;)

5.  Fraction tiles.  I put them on here purely for moms of young kids because as a former 3rd grade teacher I know what a tough skill fractions can be.  If you have a young child, just trust me and throw them in the cart.  They will come in handy one day as you are toiling over homework and realize your little nugget needs something to manipulate.  And at $1 a pop, well you're not going to beat that either.  

So there you go.  I've scoped it out for you.  Good luck making it through the rest of the store.  

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  1. I feel like I hoard those plates! I'll be hitting up our Dollar bin this weekend, woo hoo! Have a great one. xo Amanda

  2. I love the dollar bins at Target! It's my first stop when I walk in the door! Great finds!

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