2016, What Will Your Theme Be?

I didn't think anything could top 2014.  It was the year I married my one and only, took my first trip to Mexico, watched my husband win a state championship, and found out we had a little bun in the oven.  I could probably say it was the best year of our lives to date.  Then 2015 came, and along with it TWO perfect, precious, amazing little bundles of joy that have undoubtedly changed our lives for the better and started us down the path of parenthood.  It hasn't always been an easy year, as there have been trials and tribulations along the way, but one to remember to say the least.  What will 2016 be remembered for?  What will the major theme be for this year?  For the first time in quite a while I have to admit, I am not aiming for any life altering revelations.  In fact, I'm quite looking forward to a quiet year if we can help it.  Getting into the routine as a family of four.  Watching our twins grow and soaking in every single moment with them.  And low and behold, joining the rest of the world (I know I'm so annoying right?) on a mission to become a healthier and happier family in 2016!  

But how can we do that?  Where to start?  My tried and true gym routines have sadly gone by the wayside now that I have 2 sweet little cherubs to pick up after work every day, and I'll be honest, I'm not willing to let them stay at daycare any longer than they have to.  As much as I want to get back in shape, I also want to be the loving doting mama that I've always wanted to be, belly flab or not.  I know that my methods are going to have to change if I'm going to see the results I'm looking for, and after giving birth to twins, I'm definitely looking for results!  Let's break it down into some smaller, more realistic goals shall we?  

Goal 1.  Shakeology every day.  Easy peasy and the key to giving my body all the nutrition it needs to succeed.  

Goal 2.  Meal plan.  Going back to work after the twins threw my brain spinning and I honestly felt incapable of really planning the way I needed to.  It's not that I wanted to be unhealthy.  I just couldn't mentally consider anything beyond one day at a time and was therefore scrounging each day for whatever we had on hand.  Feeling like the new year is a good time to get a fresh start and get the prep under control!

Goal 3. Quick workouts. Every. Day. This is will be the hardest to keep.  I've still not totally figured out if I'm going to try to get this done in the morning, or after work when we get home, but it has to get done.  And I'll be patting myself on the back on Friday when I make it! 

I totally could keep going, but let's leave it at that for week one.  Eek... so excited to get back to healthy and feeling like my old self again!  I CAN do it!!  And so can all of you!!

Bella And The City

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  1. I just got back to blog land. Read this and then...HIT THE BRAKES! She had a baby! No! She had TWO BABIES! Then I had to backtrack a bit to read that birthing story (whoa man!). I'd say you had a pretty great, whirlwind of a 2015. Here's to an even better 2016! HAPPY NEW YEAR!

  2. Good luck on all your goals for 2016!! I think these are a great start and with your new life getting into pace, I'm sure you'll be able to balance it all just fine. Cheers to a new you and a Happy 2016 for both of us :)