You Don't Need a Priest. You Need a Friend.

Today I want to talk about your soul.  I want to talk about the person you are inside, about feeling fulfilled and like the life you're living is a good life.  We spend so much of our lives filling the world with positive messages.  Go get 'em!  You can do it!  I'm so freaking happy!  And this blog is no exception... But let's be real.  Your inner voice is not always saying these things.  Your inner voice may start the day like this and slowly morph into this project is so fuc*ing stupid and I can't believe I am wasting most of my day on this.  That girl is so damn annoying I want to stick a fork in my eyeball every time she's around.  I may have felt skinny yesterday but today I'm a fat piece of sh*t and should probably just starve myself to death.  All of these are things I've said to myself this week, and when I do it leaves me feeling like I must be a horrible person.  You feel me?  

This is where my best friend comes in, and I have more than one.  I'll admit that when I had my twins I worried about whether or not I'd be able to keep this one friend.  I mean, I wouldn't really be able to go out on the town anymore or do any of the things we typically liked to do together, which is drink, at least not on a regular basis.  This weekend my mom watched the girls for a few hours while I went out and grabbed dinner (and drinks) with this one in our typical hometown spot.  Suddenly I realized that none of this going out crap is really what made us friends in the first place.  

For the entire few hours that we spent together, we bi*ched.  We talked about every person, thing, and event that had our blood secretly boiling.  Those things you don't ever say out loud?  We said them.  We were honest.  We were downright mean girls.  And you know what?  It felt sooooo good! 

Don't worry I didn't insult anyone to their faces.  I didn't start rumors or stir anyone else's pot.  I just confessed all of the evil thoughts marinating inside of me and upon realizing I am not the only one that thinks these things, I was liberated.  I felt like I had just gone to confession and the priest had absolved me of my sins.  Except it was just my friend, not a servant of God.  Because of this I am thoroughly convinced that everyone needs at least one person in their life like this.  Luckily I have one devoted to about every circle of friends.  Places where I can freely let go of all all of the word vomit associated with my life.  Work vomit.  Family vomit.  Cheerleader vomit.  I'm pretty sure each of these people would know exactly who they are upon reading this, and if you are, I thank you.  Without you, I would never be able to hold it all together.  I'd go on thinking I was going to hell in a hand basket.  And I certainly wouldn't have the courage to be as honest as I am on this blog.  Now go thank your best friend, and if you don't have one, find one. Spill one piece of word vomit and see how it goes.  If they love it, they're a keeper!  Those that bi*ch together, stay together.  

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  1. Girl, yes! I LOVE the honesty in this post! Of course every day there are intentions of being positive, and looking on the bright side, which might happen more often than not. But there ARE those times when you just want to complain and have someone go "yep, I totally get it" I definitely have friends like this in my life who I can vent to when work is stupid, an ex friend is being dumb and creating drama, or any other array of things that are just annoying. And it's magical. It's how you keep your sanity! :)
    So glad that you have these friends to help keep YOU sane too!!

  2. This is SO true! A good friend like this is vital!

  3. Best friends are amazing!! Thanks for linking up this week.

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle