My Favorites for Fall!

I can't believe I am saying this.  As a devout summer lover and hater of cold weather, it seems sacrilegious but.... I'm excited for fall! Clearly the fact that I am still on maternity leave has a huge impact on this revelation, but I've been having visions of fall patios and fashion statements nonetheless.  Check out just a few of the things that have my heart warming for crisp, cool autumn air.

1.  I've recently developed a full on crush for Scout bags, and they're honestly pretty affordable if you're going to use them enough.  As a new mom, I'm finding that it's tough to leave the house without a giant size bag full of baby supplies, so this validates my crush even further.  While most of the prints leave me feeling sunny and summer ready, I thought this one had somewhat of a cooler feel that could transition well into fall. 

2. This leather monogram bracelet.  Don't ask me why.  I guess because it's brown and brown is a fall color?  Whatever.  I'm monogram obsessed and need something different to shake up my accessory supply.  

3. How cute and trendy is this?  Leave it to the new mama to make a baby onesie front and center of her favorites spread.  Baby + pumpkin spice latte = instant fashion win.  Period. 

4. Fall nails.  I'll be honest, I've only used Jamberry one time before, but these Apple Cider wraps sort of make me want to get back into it.  I like it because the pattern isn't too crazy and would go with a lot of different looks.  Yes, I'm irrational and feel the need to match my nails to all of my outfits.   

5. Blanket scarves.  Not new to anyone else, but somehow the trend passed by me last year without really speaking much to my little fashion heart.  This year I want one.  Need one.  And this is less than $20. 

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