Twenty Nine Week Update!

Likes:  doughnuts, Oreos, juice, watching my babies roll and kick in my tummy

Dislikes:  exhaustion, elephant feet, feeling contractions and becoming overly paranoid about going into early labor

Waist/Weight: 130 lbs./ 36 inches 

Other happenings: Doctor's appointments are now happening on a weekly basis, plus some.  In fact, I have THREE different ones next Monday... Baby B is small.  She's in the 6th percentile.  Docs say we need to keep an eye on her, but I'm not worried.  After all I am likely in the 6th percentile myself and I turned out just fine.  She is my daughter after all :)  


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  1. You are looking great! Sorry about the elephant feet, but glad that you're enjoying all of the girls' movements! Good luck with all of the doc's appointments! I'm sure Baby B will be the cutest little peanut ever! :)

  2. You look amazing, lady! Good luck with all those appointments next week!