5 Physical Pregnancy Problems Nobody Warned Me About

The bigger I get, the more challenging life becomes.  I'm in no way complaining, because all in all, I love being pregnant.  It's beautiful and amazing and possibly one of the best times of my life to date.  Still, I'm certainly having my share of struggles and awkward moments that are sure to prove to you that I am NOT the magical pregnancy unicorn that certain friends have suggested me to be.  Far from it.  And besides the typical sleeping, swelling, and back ache issues, there are a few more recurring challenges I had not quite considered until they were happening.

1.  My stomach gets scratched up often.  It can sometimes appear as though I've attempted to snuggle an angry feral cat with dire consequences.  Although I wouldn't put this type of behavior past myself, the scratches are actually a result of running into anything and everything that I don't realize is going to be in my way.  I'm completely unaware of where this extra appendage is at any given time and spend the day accidentally slamming kids in the back of the head with it, running into corners, and have even shut it in the dishwasher.  Don't worry, it's not like I'm abusing my kids within the womb.  It's all superficial and I've actually been getting better at moving more slowly and carefully so as to avoid such incidents.  Like, I probably only slammed 2 kids today instead of 8.  Sorry guys..  

2.  The constant "need" to pee.  I use quotations for a reason.  I already knew I was going to have to go often, for this is common pregnancy knowledge.  What I didn't know was that half the time when I desperately had to go, I'd sit down and nothing would come out.  Can you imagine walking around awkwardly like you're trying to hold in urine that won't even come out at the appropriate time?  Thanks Baby A.  Now if you will kindly roll off of my bladder... 

3.  Speaking of frequent urination, do you know how many times I've peed on my own hands the past couple months? Every time I go to the doctor, they make me pee into the cup and... are you joking?  I can't even find my own pant leg in the morning, let alone the entrance of a small dixie cup meant to catch a moving stream that I can't even see.  How embarrassing.  

4.  Snuggling is impossible.  As much as this pregnancy has brought my husband and I closer together, and he has done an amazing job with the back and feet rubs, my love of snuggling is being starved more and more.  I wish I could take advantage of these last couple months together and really cuddle up, but with the amount of pillow supports, heat pads, and strategic positioning needed to keep me out of my misery, there is little room left for my husband to sneak in.  When I do find a good spot for him to be, one where he can support my growing weight, I quickly realize that I am no longer the little lap pup I once was.  His breathing becomes shallow and his legs numb and I have to move anyway.  One of us needs to stay mobile after all.  

Just like me on hubby's lap!

5.  The food struggle is real.  Suddenly Buddy the Elf's food guide doesn't seem so disgustingly hilarious anymore.  It sounds pretty much on par with what I'd like to be eating 24 hours a day.  I may or may not have crushed an entire package of Oreos this week.  Or had chocolate chips for breakfast.  Or a sundae before bed.  Shameful!!!  But I'll be darned if it's not what the babies love to eat... and they are always satisfied after!  

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  1. Oh boy--keeping it real with all of the stuff you don't hear about. At least I'll be prepared for it when the day comes, thanks to you!!
    I hope you can find a couple of extra snuggles along the way--snuggles are the best! :)

  2. Yeah - the books just don't tell you about those things. And let me tell you now - once your babies are here - the frequent urination thing - or HOLDING urination thing - out the window... for a LONG time. .... My son is 8, and there are times I still have that problem. TMI - I know - but from Mama to Mama - I needed to tell you.

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