Twenty Six Week Update!

Likes:  whipped cream on everything.... waffles, berries, ice cream, lemonade, and back massages from my husband

Dislikes:  acid reflux all night long, the return of back pain, feeling the babes getting a little more cramped (and a little less active).

Waist/Weight: 127 lbs./ 36 inches (7 lbs. in 2 weeks!  Holy crap!)

Other happenings: Blood pressure is still good and girls are growing nicely (and quick)!  I gained 4 pounds over Memorial Day Weekend alone!  We had a surprise shower by my team at school and some more surprise gifts from my husband's baseball team.  The girls are so loved by so many already!  


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  1. You are looking great girl! I'm glad the blood pressure and everything else is going well! Acid reflux sounds horrible--I'm sorry you're dealing with that! :( Mmmm whipped cream on everything sounds kind of like heaven to me :)

  2. I love the arrow in the pic "that shadow though" - You are such a beautiful pregnant woman. I looked like a banshee I swear.