You Know You're From Maryland If...

Hey guys, I'm Kristin from Hopelessly Ever After. Today, while Michelle is off loving on her new husband, I'm going to take over her blog!

Since we're both Maryland chicks, I figured I'd fill you in on our kind. So...go grab a Natty Boh, sit back, and enjoy the ride!

You Know You're a "Mur-lander" If....

- "Going to The Yard" doesn't mean walking out your back door.

- you know it's pronounced "Ball - mer" or "Baw - di - more" not "Bal - ti - more".

- it's perfectly normal to use Old Bay or Wye River in every meal.

- you scream "OH" as loud as you can during the last line of the Star Spangled Banner.

- you can properly pick a crab. I said properly...

- "Cal" only refers to one person.
and you still remember this day...
- you know Washington D.C. is not our capital. And neither is Baltimore.

- you laugh at people from out of state who think bridges are scary.

- "______ County", or, "the shore" are legit explanations for where you live.

- it's pronounced "Shittsburgh"and you refuse to say the other.

- fries are bland without Old Bay and vinegar.

- you cringe every time someone talks about the Colts.

- "Ozzie" is not a member of Black Sabbath.

- you continue to root for the Orioles....even though we don't have the best track record.

- you still have a few Scopes keychains hanging around. 

from here

- you know what Rofo is.

- there's only one "Art".

- you can tell me where "Crabcakes and football - that's what Maryland does." comes from.

- you can pronounce "Haloti Ngata" correctly and know who he is.

- Boh knows best.