My Ocean City Bachelorette: Day One!

This was it!  The weekend I’ve been anticipating for quite some time!  Just a month out from my wedding day and I was Ocean City bound for a weekend of cocktails, sun, and girly fun... or so the koozies say ;)  Take a look at my weekend BACHELORETTE BASH and try not to have too much fun!

We’re really lucky because we live just a few short hours from the beach, so we left my house around 10 am and were seated bayside by lunch for our first orange crushes of the weekend and some yummy snacks to share.  

Cheers!  Kickin' it off at Macky's! 

Next, we spent the rest of the afternoon relaxing on the beach, just to make sure we actually saw the ocean once.  It’s amazing how many times I can go to the beach and do not actually see the ocean, but trust me, with all of the bayside hangouts, it’s not tough to do.  We sunbathed, pregamed, and walked our little selves up to the pool bar to meet one of the groomsmen (is that against the rules??) for more crushes..... and a shot!

The main event of Night #1 however, was at one of my favorite Ocean City bars, Fager’s Island.  They have a great bachelorette scavenger hunt that sends you all around the bar talking to different people and acting a little insane.  You’d better not be a shy bachelorette, or you ain’t gettin’ nowhere.    

Scavenger hunt list
Get beads from the DJ.

Picture with the horse.
and the frogs.
Collect a condom.

Get a tattoo from the cigar bar.

Lick the whipped cream off a banana.
Do a speaker dance.

... and have fun with your girls!

Once completed, I got a sweet Fager’s Island bachelorette tee and a $30 gift card!  The fiance and I used it later in the week.  I figured I wouldn’t have gotten it if he hadn’t asked me to marry him, so I guess I could buy him dinner :)  

Reaping my rewards a week later!

Come back tomorrow and see how Day #2 turned out!  Trust me, we were only getting started! 

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  1. :) SO COOL!

    Thank you for sharing this with everyone!
    My bachelorette and bridal shower are being combined (which I am totally cool with)... and two of my bridesmaids have made it super secret.. I have no idea what to expect!

    1. haha I'll admit I was a little bit of a control freak and told them exactly where I wanted to go!

  2. So true about there being so many good bayside places! I love Mackys!

  3. Where did you ladies go for lunch on that first day? The crushes look amazing and I'm trying to plan my sister-in-law's bachelorette in OCMD.