Whiskers on Kittens.. These are a Few of My Favorite Things

TGIF guys!  The weekend is finally here!  Let’s start the weekend by sharing some of our favorite things! In fact, these five favorites of mine are probably the things that define me most, incase you really wanted to know what I was about.

Whiskers on Kittens.  Seriously.  I’m a cat lady.  I am not ashamed.
Cats with forest friends.
Cats in the wrapping paper.
Cats making dinosaur toes.
Cats reading books.
Cats in sweatshirts.

Pop music.
  Nothing else has the power to turn my mood around like this does.  Singing and dancing empower me, even when in the privacy of my own vehicle. 
My job.  In my dreams.

Love.  Romance.  Spending time with my very favorite boy in the whole world.  Without it, my entire outlook on life changes.  With it, I can survive anything.  

Fitspiration.  I love an athletically fit body and the idea of one keeps me motivated to make healthy choices in life.
Putting the cookie down now... dannnnng.

Reality TV.  It’s 90% of what I watch and I don’t see a problem with it.  It’s nice to escape to the world of the rich and famous after a long day of work and mentally fall into their worlds.  Oh, and I just found out the new season of Shah’s of Sunset starts this Tuesday.  I am so excited!


Superficial? Maybe. But who doesn’t need a little superficial in their lives to survive this crazy world we live in?  What’s your favorite things?  Follow back to Kylie’s site and link yourself up!

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  1. You and I are scary similar hahaha. I'm so obsessed with reality TV. It's actually kind of shameful. I'm also totally guilty of loving Fitspo. Seeing pictures of people out there busting their butts running helps me get out there. Your kitty is also adorable, especially in that Packers sweater :)

    Thanks so much for linking up!


    1. Packers?? Puh-lease! lol jk jk I know isn't he sooo cute?! Glad to have discovered your blog this week through LG&L!!

  2. Love the link up and the article about being engaged! How did you guys meet?!?

    1. Well,,,, we technically met at school (both teachers) but never would have ever talked again if we didn't run into each other at a gas station randomly. It's actually a funny story. Hmm... I guess I should write out that story one of these days!

  3. Girl I'm right there with ya with the reality TV! My husband gets so mad at me telling me I need to watch something more educational but I just cant help it! It's so entertaining! Can't wait for the new Shas to start! And I totally agree about appreciating an athletic body. I would chose an athletic strong body over a skinny body any day! You are funny with your cat! Looks about the same with me and my dog! Hey at least we can admit were crazy cat/dog people! Haha! Thanks so much for sharing your favorite things!

    1. No problem! And thank you for sharing your dog in her costume. I was dying laughing.