My First Fashion Show!

Friday night girls night with some of my best hometown buds!  Here are some pics from our first fashion show :)  We started the night at one of our favorite spots, Isabella’s, for tapas and sangria.  Half red, half white, because we simply could not decide.  

Next, we headed over to the Faux School for the show.  A fashion show in Frederick??  Yea, that’s what I said, but when I randomly stumbled across the event online, it seemed like the perfect something different to spice up the social calendar.  All proceeds from the event went to benefit Goodwill and all of the looks featured clothing actually found in the store.  The entire thing was extremely well planned and the venue was really trendy and cute.   

We ended our night back on Market Street at another of our usual spots, and after three drinks too many and running into a lot of old friends, finally called it a night.  Now it's time to clean out my closets and get my own donation ready so I can make room for something new. Sounds like a great excuse to me! ;) 

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