No Boys Allowed! (The Best Part of Girls Weekend)

With no real vacation plans this summer, I jumped at the chance for a girls beach weekend when some long time high school friends suggested it.  We went for 2 days.  Thank God it was only 2 days because it was Go! Go! Go! from the moment we arrived and I’m pretty sure my body was in full rejection mode by the time we headed home.  It was so worth it. And finally after 11 hours of sleep, I’m remembering some of my favorite parts of weekends with the girls.....

Lots of girl talk!  Even though my boyfriend is my best friend, there are certainly some things that you can only talk about with your girls... like men.  (Don’t worry, only good things! :))  

Getting to wear my flowery suit and high waisted shorts that the boyfriend is not fond of.  There are some styles that only another girl can appreciate.  

Lots of girly drinks! Orange crushes, pina coladas, and homemade sangria!  Beer only allowed in matching tourist koozies of course ;)

Remembering what it’s like to be a single girl at the bar, and feeling sooooo grateful that I’m not doing that anymore.  It’s not until you’re alone that you become aware of all the manic toolboxes in the world.  I missed having my love to look after me and not have to worry about standing near or making eye contact with a stranger that may potentially take that as an ok to follow you around all night.  I hate being cold towards people, but sometimes you have to be.  

What are some of your favorite things to do at a girls weekend?  We are already looking forward to planning our trip for next year!

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