Creating an Oasis for Fun!

When the bf and I bought our house, we knew our finances were going to get a little tighter.  The nights out and weekend vacations were going to subside.  We were going to be home a lot, saving money.  Therefore, it was important to us to make our home a place where we would LOVE hanging out, and hopefully our friends would too!  

We made a few changes to the basement starting with the bar behind the couch.  It’s just a long bar top that runs behind the length of the couch with four barstools that pull up to it.  It’s an awesome place to eat while watching TV or a movie and provides extra seating when we have guests over.  

View from behind the bar.

View from the front.

Now, our biggest project.... the closet bar!  Yes, this space used to be a boring old storage closet with some plastic pull-shut accordion doors.  I’ll admit, I was a little worried about giving up the storage space with this being such a small house and all, but the end result far exceeded my expectations.  Here we keep glasses, liquor, beer, wine (love the Black Box compartments ;)), and mixers for easy access right next to the couch and TV.  

This is where the bar is located in the room.

Looking into the closet...

...and around the corner... more closet.

Latest addition... a floating shelf.  We just added this with 2 more stools.  Anything to make sure all of our guests have a place to sit and a relax.

With just these three things, we have really added to the “fun” factor of our house and none of them cost an exorbitant amount of money.  They have made our house a welcoming place for family and friends to visit.  Thanks to the hard work of my bf (and his dad of course) I definitely think we have made this house a HOME! 

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