A Quick Weekend Getaway

I spent this past weekend accompanying the bf to his softball tournament in Ocean City, MD.  It was our 3rd year in attendance and we spent the weekend catching up with long time teammates, meeting the new girls, and sleeping on couches in true twenty-something fashion.  It was a fast, but wonderful little vacation.  While the boys were playing ball, us girls were forced to converse and entertain each other, a sometimes challenging task given that we vary in age between 22 and mid 40’s.  Ironically one of my best “softball girlfriends” is also the youngest--a sign I like to think that I have maintained the youthful attitude I strive for.  I even picked up these hot pink Wayfarer knockoffs for $3.00 (WOW!) at the inlet.  Now if that’s not fun, I don’t know what it is!

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