Tighten up girls!

It’s no secret that our metabolism begins to slow as we age.  Muscle mass is not as easy to maintain.  We must actually WORK for that bikini body that used to come almost naturally during our 20’s.  I’m here to tell you not to panic because it is entirely possible to be just as fit, if not more so, than you were 10 years ago.  I’m even hoping that the work I put it now at age 30 will set me up for future success when it comes to maintaining a fit body at 40 and even 50.  So where should a 30-something begin?

My advice: LIFT!! I probably dedicate about 40 minutes to lifting every day.  I aim for 4 sets of 12, but sometimes cut that down to 3 sets if I’m in a pinch for time.  

After lifting, I follow up with 25-30 minutes of cardio and abs daily.  If I know I have an occasion coming up where I really need to look bikini ready, I’ll up the cardio to 45 minutes, but I don’t like to make it a habit.  When I continue doing cardio like that over a long period of time, my body expects it.  It holds on to the calories I consume in preparation for a cardio marathon that I really don’t enjoy anyway.  I’m sure there are a ton of fitness experts that are going to rip on me for saying this, but it’s just my personal experience with my own body.  

Ideally, I like my gym time to total an hour a day.  If you can dedicate one hour a day, you will see changes in your body. Period.  If you can’t, (maybe you have only 30 minutes to spare?), again, I advise...


I am not suggesting that cardio is not important.  It is crucial for heart health and for burning the current fat that many of us hold.  However, if you have a day where you just can’t do it all, just lift.  Building muscles will keep your body burning calories even when you are not working out and you will begin to see the shape of your body change faster when you are keeping up with your strength routine.  

Now get after it girls! 


  1. Seriously, can you come live with me to motivate me to get out there and work out? You look great! xo

    1. Oh stop! You look the same size! But hopefully my fitness posts can motivate through the screen ;)