Valentine Favorites 2018 Edition

I'm not sure what it is about Valentine's Day.  It's not like it's the holiday that I love, but the fact that it's pretty much an explosion of epic girlishness a free pass to immerse myself in pink and hearts and sweet treats galore.  Whatever the excuse, I'm totally down.  So here's five of my favorite fun treasures I've seen around the internet this season.  Which are you going to snag for yourself?

1. Love mug that could clearly go well beyond Valentine's Day.  Can totally see myself sippin' some good matcha from this guy!

2. Galentines!  Yep, that's really what they're called.  Because isn't Valentine's also about the lady loves in our life too? 

3. I'm a sucker for graphic tees... especially when associated with a holiday.  I'll take one of each and pair them right up with my V-day Lulas! 

4. New Limited Edition LipSense colors!  They'll be arriving to join my stock by next week so be sure to grab 'em before they're GONE! 

5. Obsessed with this cozy heart throw blanket!  I love adding little holiday accents to my home without going so overboard that my husband feels uncomfortable about it.  Although living with 3 girls, I'm sure he's already pretty immune! 

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