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When I started my business, I already had a pretty good idea of what I wanted the essence of it to be about.  I knew I wanted to help people to be the best versions of themselves - to feel good, look good, and do it all simultaneously through a genuine heart and taking the time to actually listen and care.  On the surface, a lip color may seem trivial, but it's really not about that. It's about the conversation, the relationship, about genuinely finding a color to match the customer's needs and not just based on what's in stock.  If there's one thing I pride myself on it's authenticity, and I like to say what I mean and do what I say.  You feel me?

That being said, I also value experience.  There's a reason people love a great vacation or spa experience and it's not because they're taking something home with them.  They may not get to live on vacation forever, but they always keep that feeling in their heart.  Make your product an experience and your customers will appreciate the gesture.  Trust me, the additional cost on your part is nominal compared to the way it will make the customer feel, which is important, valued, and special.  And since your business is depending on them, that's exactly what they are.  So treat them accordingly.  Agree?

Attached I'm sharing the packaging I use to make my product stand out from the rest.  Keep in mind these are sized to package lip gloss, but surely you could readjust to meet your needs.  I just truly believe that presentation matters when it comes to being legit.  And you want to be legit don't you?

I'm telling you, you definitely need...

1. Pretty colored packaging.  I use these bright pink bubble mailers for my Lips Kits.  Perfect size and exactly the color the reflects the inner glamour of my brand.  Could I send them in a simple brown envelope?  Yea, but isn't this more fun??

2.  Sheer drawstring organza bags.  These are absolutely the perfect size for lip gloss.  Like couldn't get any more exact!  Plus with the delecate, lacey feel, they also deliver that touch of girly beauty I want to get across.  I get the white ones, but they come in lots of options, so take your pick!

3. Business cards.  I got my design from Etsy and printed at VistaPrint.  Easy Peasy.

I could go on, but literally that is ALL you need to get going and make your product look like a present!  Let's be honest, everyone wants to feel special as much as they want to look like a million bucks, so don't lose this chance to stand out from the rest! What do you do to make others feel special and cared about?  Post in comments below!

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