Not Your Typical Independence Day

Apparently this weekend was the 4th of July, and for the first time in years, we did not host our annual party.  We did not go to the parade or grill or even see fireworks.  Things were quite different this year as our lives now revolve around trips to the hospital, pumping, healing, and getting things in order for our precious baby girls to come home.  

My mom came down Saturday morning and stayed until Sunday afternoon.  Our house looks like a freaking tornado went through and she helped me to get a few things organized, vacuumed for me, and assisted me in going through some of our shower gifts from the weekend before they were born.  (Talk about cutting it close!)  

First drink of 2015!

Husband has been swamped with grad school work and preparing for this week's baseball camp, not to mention keeping the lawn mowed and pool in working order.  I can tell it's working his nerves, but man oh man is he the best daddy.  The girls are clearly very comfortable with him and look at him so adoringly.  

Daddy's girl

I'm going into this week with a list of tasks I'd like to accomplish, but I'm quickly learning how long it will take to check them all off between pumping, the hospital, and frequent naps.  This recovery thing is tough work!  I'd be lying if I said I was elated and jubilant because clearly being away from my babies is not ideal, but I do realize that in time they will be home and we can begin to bond together as a family.  I'm so lucky to have such beautiful little princesses with perfect little noses and ears and fingers and toes.  There are far worse situations to be in, and I look forward to a year full of family firsts to come!  

Let it Shine
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  1. i hope your daughters come home soon! great pics and a wonderful way to spend the holiday!

  2. I'm glad you're figuring out how long it will take to get things done, around your new, baby-centered schedule! I hope they are able to come home soon!!