Five Days I've Been Waiting.. TGIF!!!

Five days.  Five super long, annoying days that potentially made this one of the longest weeks ever.  It's truly a miracle how I did it all without a nightly glass bottle of wine.  With a week full of work deadlines and after school activities, I was already prepared for a long one, but this was just stupid...

Monday, husband reveals that he has lost "Arnold 2".  Arnold is the name that was given to his first Nalgene water bottle that he had been using an left at his first softball tournament of the season.  I knew he was sad about it, so I bought him a replacement about 2 weeks ago.  Left it at softball again.  No more fancy water bottles, I'm done.

Tuesday, I wake up to discover that my pedometer has vanished.  I know, it seems dumb, but my company gives us "health miles" that we can trade in for $$ when we track our steps.  Oh, did I mention I put my first one through the dryer accidentally and had just bought this new one about a week ago??  Still hasn't popped up anywhere.  I guess I need to accept it was not meant to be.

Wednesday, husband forgets his cell phone is in his pocket and attempts to do Lord knows what kind of move with the baseball bat at his game and smashes his own screen with the bat.  Hello Verizon store.  

Thursday, random light which appears to look like an airbag light is on in my car.  It still drives fine and no, it has not exploded in my face.  Anyone know why it's on or how to turn it off?  

Friday, pretty please be nice to us!  I get to see my little munchkins again today (via ultrasound) and am praying for nothing but good reports!  Hoping the nonsense stops in time for us to get our lives back together for the weekend!  

[Disclaimer: I fully realize that these things are insignificant, ridiculous first world problems and that we are unbelievably and abundantly blessed.  It sounds like I'm truly complaining, but trust me, it's with quite a bit of sarcasm ;)]

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  1. Sometimes you just have a week where all of those "little" but super annoying (and costly) things add up. It will turn around, and hopefully today is that day for you guys! Hope you have a nice weekend and a happy doctor's visit!!! :)