The Newlywed Holiday Gift Guide

It’s almost Christmas.  The wedding is long past, a mere memory, and you’re I’m longing to extend the magic of that moment for as long as is emotionally possible.  Yes, I love that we’ve settled into the comfort and ease of married life, but that doesn’t mean you have to ignore that “newlywed” status just yet.  It may be our 3rd holiday living together, but I’m considering this season a “first” and will relish every second of it.  So what do you get the love of your life when you feel like you have it all? (or at least all you can afford.  I know that wedding left your fiance bone dry!)  I’ve got a few ideas to keep the wedding magic lingering, and the love growing.  These ideas are sentimental and unique.

Something fun and social that forces you to talk and laugh with one another.  Check out this amazing and FREE printable newlywed game courtesy of The Dating Divas.  I’m loving it and cannot wait to play!

An ornament.  
I hand painted one when we bought our first home, and wanted to continue the holiday ornament tradition for each milestone of our lives.  Not necessarily making them, but just adding them to represent something special from the year.  This time I found one at the store and thought it would make the perfect addition to our tree!   

Ok, this may seem simple, but I feel like I constantly have 5 things on my fridge that I am attempting to shove under a lone magnet because I have no way to keep them up there.  What better way to remember the magic of your wedding than to keep it displayed in a logic place?  You’ll change the things you’re putting up, but the magnets remain constant.  Make them meaningful.

Date night in an envelope.  
Usually my spouse is the one that pays for our dates.  Yea, I know it’s technically both of our money now, but it still makes me feel good to take the initiative every now and then.  Keep it simple, like movie passes and a restaurant gift card, and enjoy a romantic date night on the town.  If you need help with this gift, check out Pinterest for cute ideas.

Anniversary keychain.  
I can thankfully say that I am in no way worried about my husband forgetting our anniversary.  He’s just not that kind of guy (I think).  But if you are at all worried about the perpetually forgetful hubs, gift him with this keychain ahead of time - it's handmade.  If he’s ever in doubt, he has a place to look without seeming insensitive and having to ask ;)  

Playing cards.
...with the most ridiculous groomsmen photo you can find.  You can see these ones from Shutterfly pictured with a lovely perfect little family, but he’ll love it THAT much more if they’re plastered with the hilariousness that are his best friends.  And his friends will enjoy them too next time you play together!

Which picture should I choose?  Vote in comments below!  
#1 Stadium Stroll

#2 Great Escape

#3 Boozin' Brah

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  1. I like #3 - for the pictures, and #1 is a close second.

    And very cute ideas! We do the special yearly ornament too! :)

  2. I like #2! But they're all good.