Wedding Flashback: Getting Ready!

Looking back on the morning of our wedding, I can't believe what a whirlwind it was.  I had bagels and pastries catered from Panera and mimosas galore, but do you think we enjoyed any of that?  No way!  At least I didn't.  It was a mad rush from the moment I woke up to pushing everyone out the door to get to the church on time!  Luckily everyone came half ready so we were all totally beautified and ready to go in time!  

We got ready at my house while the boys were at the hotel suite where my fiance stayed the night before.  I wanted it that way because a) I knew I'd feel more comfortable and b) I didn't want to risk leaving any of the 23,956 things a girl needs to get ready behind, especially on my wedding day ;)

I went for a glittery heeled sandal from DSW.
Similar design here.

Bracelet from Icing; Earrings from Old Navy.  I had envisioned these earrings in my mind when I bought the dress and hadn't been able to find them.  I found these on the day of the funeral of a close family friend who was very sad she was unable to see us on our wedding day.  I felt like she sent these for me when I saw them.  I know she did.

Stemless wine glasses I ordered for the girls.  Meant to actually drink out of them and get some pics, but turns out ain't nobody got time for that!  In fact, I still have a few sitting at my house that they forgot.  lol

Makeup by my good friend Lauren.  She is amazing!  Foundation custom made by Smooch Studio.  Most amazing product ever with the best ingredients and custom made to the color and consistency you desire.  Check it out! 
The girls picked their own dresses.  I just gave a color scheme of white/off-white/beige, and this is what they came up with.  Couldn't have chosen better myself!

Great photo of us.  I'll admit it.

Bride robe from Target!

MOH buttoning me in!  She's kind of professional at this.

And Kate tying the perfect bow.  Needed a cheerleader for this job ;)

Buttons, buttons, and more buttons.  My FAVORITE thing about this dress!

Jack 'er up!  Adding the veil and we're ready to go!

Stay tuned for more details of our wedding day to come, and see our fun rehearsal dinner!  

Photos by Maureen Pacheco.

NC Belle In Boots

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  1. my wedding is 32 days away - EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEK!

    And I love these pictures and posts - It helps to center me.

    Hope you are well.

  2. Beautiful pictures! You looked gorgeous!! I love that you let the girls pick their own dresses :-)

  3. So beautiful! Cannot wait to see more!!! Would love you to linkup for my Wedding Wednesday Linkup too! Lisa @ Showered With Design :: Wedding Wednesday

  4. Absolutely STUNNING photos!! I also got ready at home while the hubs got ready at the hotel--I was too worried (like you!) about leaving something important behind!!

  5. You're so beautiful, i can't take my eyes off you!!!! robe ceremonie mariage