Simple and Amazing is the Best Kind of Weekend

This weekend was pure bliss.  No big trips, no huge life events.  I vacuumed the house, cleaned the bathrooms, and washed all of the sheets and towels in the house.  I even took my dreaded weekly trip to the grocery store without a speck of inner tantrum.  But what was the best part of the weekend?  Getting to spend it with my absolute, #1, favorite person in the entire universe!  

For the past 8 weeks or so, our lives have been filled with so many activities that we have barely found time to see one another.  I am genuinely ok with all of his man activities most of the time, and I do not need to be attached at the hip.  But after several weeks of this pattern, I was beginning to feel disconnected and downright depressed.  I’d hit my limit.  

Thankfully I have the sweetest most intuitive fiance who knew that a complete mental breakdown was looming and devoted a weekend to me without any hesitations.  This weekend was exactly what I needed to get back in tune with life and make me smile in remembrance, even on a Monday. 

Friday night--Kicking off Baltimore Beer Week at Judge’s Bench in historic Ellicott City.  DuClaw brewery had taken over the taps and we both tried out their new Hellrazer IPA.  It was fantastic.  For my next I opted for 31, their pumpkin ale, just to get in the spirit of the season, and was equally impressed. 

Saturday--Lounging, sipping wine, and eating cheese at the Linganore Wine Festival.  I must say, the crowd has certainly changed from the high school gathering spot I once knew, but we had a great time despite the crowds.  Luckily I am a wine festival pro and knew just what to pack for the occasion.  We also got in some great quality time with a friend I don’t see nearly often enough!  

Sunday--We watched our first Ravens vs. Steelers game together.  This is a  BIG DEAL.  We are typically very emotional fans and have thought it in our best interest to separate every time they play for the past 3 years now.  Our rule is that the loser is the one to call when he or she feels ready and no gloating allowed.  Not only did we watch it together, but I also wore a Roethlisberger jersey into a Ravens party.  At the end of the day, I made it out alive and was actually not tormented nearly as much as I had predicted beforehand.  Sunday = success.  

Due to the score above, my photo op was denied.  Ha.

Now when the 5 am alarm went off today, I was certainly moaning and cursing as I typically would on this day at this hour.  But ya know what?  Life is not so bad, and I cannot wait to have another "best weekend ever"!

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  1. Can you please go on more dates and blog them so I can dream about what a great date could be through your fun adventures?! I miss date night with my hubs. We totally savor them now since they are few and far between.

    1. Heck yea I can! Gotta get a lot of 'em in now while it's just the two of us ;) I'm sure we will be in the same boat as you and your husband sooner or later!